LOLA loves women all over the world and feels they should all have the chance to achieve their full potential. However, due to circumstances beyond their control, the opportunities are just not there for many of them. Nonetheless, we feel that every dream should have a chance to be achieved, and that’s where #LOLAGivesBack comes in. 

Each month, #LOLAGivesBack will be working to help those less fortunate, both in the U.S. and abroad. In 2016, with relations opening up the focus is on Cuba. Check that page for details.  

We are constantly fundraising to provide key essential items (water, aspirin, bandages, feminine products, condoms, undergarments, clothing, and more). We at LOLA do what we can, and we realize that many of you may want to do the same.  

It’s super easy to do, domestically or internationally. Here are a couple of suggestions: 

  • Be conscientious. Before traveling, research the poverty rates in your next destination (try this site or the World Bank). Where poverty is high, take along an extra bag filled with water, baby aspirin, batteries, undergarments, nail polish, shampoo, etc.). The locals will love you for it, and you can show your love online by using the hashtag #LOLAgivesback. 


  • Donate here via PayPal, and let LOLA do the rest of the work. And yes, you can STILL use the hashtag in a tweet to tell all your friends “I donated $100,000,000.00 to #LOLAgivesback. Taking care of women—one country at a time.” (Note: You can always give more or less.) 

Safe travels and GIVE LOVE