FAQ aka Stuff Lexie Knows You Wanna Know? Like...

Can men take a LOLA tour?

Yes. Though our tours are designed to appeal to women, we at LOLA don’t believe in discrimination. We love men, women, puppies, unicorns, and more, so if you want to play with us, you bet your bottom dollar we want to play with you.

Is my trip refundable/cancellation policy?

No. There is currently no cancellation policy. Each event is planned with YOU in mind, so once you book it, you’ve bought it—and you should expect to have a grand old time. We at LOLA do, however, recommend travel insurance, which will cover you in case you have to cancel. See an article on trip insurance here.

What if I don’t want to participate in a particular part of the tour/event?

We never make you do anything you don’t want to do, but we bet you will be super jealous if you don’t. One time, a LOLA staffer decided she didn’t want to do a certain part of a tour until everyone came back with super cool gift bags—and wine. She still misses that wine.

Do I get a referral bonus?

Currently, there is not a plan in place, but if there is enough interest, something could be arranged.

How do I get an individual or group discount?

LOLA does not currently have any discount programs, but we do offer monthly perks, Instagram and Twitter giveaways, and more. Play along to win cool stuff like tour discounts, t-shirts, luggage tags, and more. Follow @xoLOLA_Travels for more deets.

How do I pay?

We take credit cards, PayPal, and checks (via PayPal). And although we prefer US dollars, we pride ourselves on flexibility—so go ahead and use those pounds, euros, and such.

What is the deal with the frogs?

Because frogs are a symbol of prosperity, wealth, friendship, and abundance in many cultures, they make a perfect mascot for LOLA. The ancient Romans also believed that frogs brought good luck to one’s home—and we’re not against having a little of that on our side, either!

WHO is lexie?

“Lexie” is none other than Ms Alexaquaticus M, Phibean, and she is a LOLA gal thru and thru. Always ready to take that leap off her lily pad and on to the next adventure.