London, and Scotland and Ireland...oh my!

The problem with travel, blogging, working and having a startup is that something always lags behind. Sad to say recently this has been my blog, my life, my new normal.

Time is something I am learning that there is never enough...never enough time to go see one more site, never enough to get to the airport, never enough when finally letting go...there is never enough time. But you can prepare. However that is not my strong suit.

So much is going on in this country right now. It makes me scared. Scared for the path we are heading, and scared for my life. Daily I walk a bit more alert to my surroundings. If I see police I cross the street as I don't want to even be in the way if they have to chase down an actual criminal. Sometimes, the fear is so overwhelming I need to escape. Luckily, I can work just about anywhere, I have a passport, will travel.

This time it was London, Scotland and was beautiful:

A week in the UK and all became right in my world once more. It was like a mini reset button. And with this year's election...I NEED it.

Frogs and Kisses

Kit n Lex


Movara Day 3: I came to SLAY

I have found in life people either really like me, or they don't. My time at Movara has shown me some wonderful, kind and loving people, as well as some "mean girls" the only difference is I just look past them as if they don't exist. A friend had the perfect quote for my situation.

""Arrows of hate, fiery darts, were shot at me many times, but they NEVER touched me because they came from a world with which I have nothing in common" - Einstein

It's perfect because there will always be gossip, and people with opinions but in the end, do they really matter...not as long as you stay on your own path. And that is what I do daily. I put in the work, follow the plan and steer my own course. I did not come here to make friends, so that is a bonus.

This morning started with the usual hike and the hike personal has decided I will move up to a higher level this week. I like my current hiking group but I just need more. I want to push harder and further. And today I stood on the top of the world:

Hot, Sweaty and Hard but I"m HERE...dammit

Hot, Sweaty and Hard but I"m HERE...dammit

It's like I've found beast mode but on some NEXT level ish. I am not a game, nor did I come to Beyonce I came to SLAY. I've been on a weight loss journey for over a year. And while it has been has been steady. I thought this would be an excellent jumpstart to get me to my next level. I have an amazing support system at home (NYC) as well as the staff of trainers at Movara.

The day was intense as far as the hike, but the rest of the day was cake...YES I did have 4 workout classes but a lecture in between so it gave my body a time to breathe:

Hike, Breakfast, Open Gym, Stretch, Lunch, Lasting Change, Kickboxing, Strength Circuit, Aqua Zumba and dinner...phew! And how was YOUR day?

Hike, Breakfast, Open Gym, Stretch, Lunch, Lasting Change, Kickboxing, Strength Circuit, Aqua Zumba and dinner...phew! And how was YOUR day?

And as usual the food was delicious. I don't have a pic of dessert because I HATE marshmallows (don't judge me. You don't know my life) so I didn't have the s'mores but heard they were delicious.

Breakfast: My standard egg scramble with corn tortillas. Lunch Egg drop soup and yummy fish tacos and dinner: salad (not pictured) and stew. YUM

Breakfast: My standard egg scramble with corn tortillas. Lunch Egg drop soup and yummy fish tacos and dinner: salad (not pictured) and stew. YUM

Since I decided to AMP it up this week I am taking a half a dose of Pruvit per helps my body into ketosis but without eliminating carbs. It's natural and my doctor has approved so why not. If you want to know more about this then click here.

Day 3 done...and 10 more until I go back to NYC. Thanks for checking in...and I'll be back tomorrow.



Movara Day 1: THIS is NOT a Game

People come to a health and wellness spa for a variety of take a break from life, to lose weight, to get healthy, to hike, and a myriad of others. I came because I am afraid of heights and I also could lose 50 or 60 pounds. Which isn't that bad considering I have been over 150 lbs heavier off and on thru my adult life, so having only 60 or so to lose is like a blessing.

Today was officially Day 1 and it was a grueling schedule, but I made it:

I got up at 545 am, washed my face brushed my teeth and got dressed. I had to be in the dining hall by 615 where we learned what our assessment hike would be. To be honest I found it a bit basic and somewhat boring. I burned 944 calories but I've burned more than that doing a 10K, so I'm not certain if I will continue unless they become more challenging or I'm moved up a group. I've spoken to management about this we shall see. It was however a beautiful sunrise and the hiking was lovely:

Morning Hike...Monday

Morning Hike...Monday

After a two hour hike it was breakfast time. I snapped a pic of today's menu. I got a pic of all the food except for dinner. I was a piggy and ate it all before I remembered to snap a pic. Actually it wasn't until I was about to blog this post that I remembered that I didn't have a pic. Sorry, but the food was delicious. I like how they have the calorie count as well. It makes me using myfitnesspal MUCH easier:

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

The rest of the day was filled with kickboxing, hip hop class, free gym time, then court challenge filled with mountain climbers, running and burpees, and off to circuit training. By the time 430 came and it was the final class I chose stretch because my body was talking, and it was saying "mama I AM SPENT". I was never so happy for dinner.

After dinner, I hung out with my new friend Paige and her lovely pooch Nico. Who is about as sweet as sweet can be; then I took a dip in the hot tub followed by pool.

WHEW...that was a day, so I took a shower, typed up this blog and plan on being in bed by 9PM, because welp...tomorrow we do it all over again. I am really loving this place, it's like sleepaway camp but for adults.



Hey friends...I've been away for a few days. I'm currently in Utah shooting a film, as well as checking out a few places for hopefully LOLA getaways in the future...and guess who is going domestic? That's right ...yours truly. I still will be focusing on Amsterdam, however I want to expand to various US cities in unusual places like Utah, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and somewhere on the east coast. Still in the air about that location.

Today was my late day on the set. I'm in lovely Ivins, UT and the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Snow Canyon State Park- Ivins, UT

Snow Canyon State Park- Ivins, UT

Isn't it breathtaking? So breathtaking that I got lost and was scared for my life. I think the movie 127 Hours played over in my head at least a million times.  I walked around FOREVER, then it started to rain so I took cover in a rock enclosure. 127 HOURS had become my life, and all I could think is "Please God let me keep my limbs" . Reception was spotty at best but I was soon able to get a call into park officials and send them pics of the things were around me.

They found me within20 minutes maybe less..definitely faster than Domino's delivery. Once I had been saved...well I needed a pic of course.

Wilderness Woman

Wilderness Woman

At first I swore I would never attempt hiking again, then after thinking about it a few hours I've decided to fight this fear. I'm going ALL IN, and signing up for a hiking retreat. Why? because if something scares you then you have to face it head on.

THAT'S how a LOLA woman does it! Wish me luck.



Been Around the World and It Was Cheap too...

Ok, I KNOW I need to blog a hell of a lot more. And starting today I plan on getting back on track at least once a week. Forgive me, however I have been traveling a lot this year. I have many NEW and EXCITING adventures planned over the course of the next year from Africa to hopefully Antarctica. I can't really stand the cold BUT I want to hit all seven continents.

Many have asked me how I afford to travel. First and foremost...PEOPLE WILL FIND A WAY to do what THEY want to do. Period. The end. Granted, I don't own a home, heck I no longer even have a lease I just sublease and move every few months. It can be stressful, but the travel makes it worth it. When I decide to settle down, I'll get a lease and live somewhere for more than six months at a time. Another method is travel groups/clubs. I am a member of various travel groups on Facebook, Twitter, WhatApp etc...and I get deal alerts. I've gone to Thailand and have a ticket booked to South Africa that cost less than a domestic ticket to my home state. All because of a fare special. And because of one of my groups I've made some connections with different airlines, pilots and such, so now I have a few companion passes to use if I ever NEED to get somewhere but can't.

2016/2017 is going to be THE year of adventure and travel. If all goes according to plan I WILL hit all SEVEN continents. Wish me luck.

Happy Travels to you


T.W.B Traveling While Black

Various bloggers have shared their experience on this subject. I, in turn have used their blogs and experiences while planning my own excursions. However, I take all advice with a grain of salt, because sometimes you just have to see things for yourself. Only once did I ever kick myself for ignoring such advice.

It’s like this...being black in America is pretty much like being black in London, Spain, France or any place other than Africa. The only plus is that once they hear the American accent they usually treat you much, MUCH better. Still in some places, there are some looks, bad customer service, comments, etc. Luckily, for me most of my run-ins were nothing more than idle curiosity. At least a  dozen times while in Prague and Turkey especially I had people wanting to take a picture WITH ME. Guess so they can show their friends that black Americans DO exist.

In Europe, it seems as if Black Americans are treated with more respect than Africans, or even black Europeans. However, they also appear to have some closed-mindlike views. For instance, I found these toys in a vending machine in Germany. The depiction of black people was a bit disheartening.

Nonetheless, they still possess overall a better appreciation for people of color than I have found in the states. In the us I am afraid to go outside and be that person in the wrong place at the wrong time. In most of Europe I felt finally free. Free to walk around and not be followed in a store. Free to know that a cop won’t come up to me, ask a few questions then shoot me in the head.

Sad to say I’d rather be caught TWB in ANY country ANY day than to be racially profiled in America on any given afternoon.