Thailand Dreams 2020

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Time to get ready to head to Thailand to train, eat and play. This trip is a bit different as the main focus is HEALTHY lifestyle, and exercise. I have teamed up with some of the best Muay Thai coaches in the country, as well as yoga and resistance training.

This time its a bit more intense a complete week at Lamai Muay Thai Camp. We will sleep, eat and train like fighters…well fighters who also play. Breakfast is includes as well as 2 Muay Thai Classes a day, yoga , as well as Strength and Conditioning. After we depart we head to Kuala Lampur where we will stay at a top 5 star hotel (think Mandarin Oriental or St.Regis) where you can relax, shop, go on hiking adventures or a little of everything. The price point is falling between 1200-1700 pp for a week..and if we have a group of 10 or more, the price will decrease dramatically.

Dates have been set Feb 1-10, 2020. Payment plans will be available. Bookings will open in September 2019. Anone who books in the month of Sept will receive $100 off their package.

Follow us on either IG or Twitter @xoLOLA-travels for updates, deals and more.

Also, note this is a HEALTH AND WELLNESS Excursion so hubbies, boyfriends etc are welcome, as well as children…yes kids can do Muay Thai as well.

Can’t wait to sweat and play with all of you.



PS Some wonder if Muay Thai works…well with a healthy diet it does…Here is a pic of me when I first went to Muay Thai three years ago..I was waaaaayyyy over 325 pounds…

From Fat to Thick to Healthy 1st pic ovr 325pds/2nd pic 270/3rd 200

From Fat to Thick to Healthy 1st pic ovr 325pds/2nd pic 270/3rd 200

Current under 200…around 190 taken yesterday:

A waist …I have a waist!!!!!

A waist …I have a waist!!!!!

Fighting For My Life

I debated on writing this post as I always want to keep my blog travel related, but as I evolve this blog does as well. And since it's in Thailand...well it counts.

Boot camps, fat camps, medical tourism etc is a lucrative business. And why not, everyone wants to look/feel better, some by any means necessary.

While I am not an advocate of crash diets, I do love some intense exercise...not extreme but INTENSE. Which is how I found myself back in Samui for the 4th time in less than a year.

A little over 2.5 years ago, my doctors informed me that I was sick. Sicker than what I ever imagined. It was life threatening. The treatment they recommended made me even sicker. Luckily I was only working a couple days a week and could hide it. However I began doing research. With the assistance of some amazing doctors abroad, a couple of monks (not kidding), faith and prayer I am glad to report the initial prognosis is no longer. Granted, I still have a ton of cysts and tumors inside my body, as long as they do not attach themselves to organs I will be ok. However I am a bigger woman so it can be hard to see until it's too late. Which is why I currently am fighting for my life. I am trying to get down to a weight where the tumors/cystsare easier to see and hopefully at some point remove as I don't want them to burst either.

I say "fighting for my life" because there isn't a lot of exercise I like besides an occasional boot camp or dance class. Then I found Lamai Muay Thai. This place has changed my life. Granted, it is hard and at times I feel like a big fat nothing who has no power, but then I remember my first day and fast forward to today and see how far I have come. I realize I am strong, I am capable and I can beat this. I'm a fighter dammit.




Everybody's Working for the Weekend..

This post will cover mainly Friday and Saturday as I've gotten crazy busy with this site, life, and working on the next edition of my one-person comedy/cabaret show :This Kitty Has Claws Goes International.

Friday, was a crazy day here at Movara. Morning started with a race. Folks had a choice between the 5K and 10K. I signed up for the 10 as I've run 5K's before and decided it was time to push it up to the next level. Honestly, I was surprised with how slow my time has become since I stopped running over the last few months. I mean I was always slow but at least could maintain a 15 min mile,  yet now my time is almost 20 min which is ridiculous. We do a ton of hiking here but not much running so it makes sense. Once I return to NYC I'm going to start running again a few times per week. I accomplished the 10K and it was full of hills, inclines and the like but done:

Running just me and my tunes...

Running just me and my tunes...

Breakfast was delicious was great all week, lunches were either good or ok, and dinner started to lose some of it's luster compared to the beginning of the week. I ended up passing on many of the desserts as they had a creamy/pudding like texture. I have a thing with texture so I wasn't a fan, although I did try and snap pics so you could see the meals:

Fridays here are a bit bitter sweet as some of the new friends you've made are preparing to the day is filled with lectures of menu planning, Q&A's etc but for those with a few days left we have Hip Hop, Cardio, Swimming, Tabata, Zumba, and the dreaded (by everyone except me) Barre class. I like the end of the week dance classes.

Saturday- you can pick your poison of the morning of pavement hikes: west canyon, Stop Sign, the extended Camelback hike, or a trip to Zion National Park) I chose the dreaded "Stop Sign" which is only 4.3 miles and a van is at the top and will bring you back down unless you want to try and make it back to the bottom, which I have yet to do. But I was the only one who went the furthest. I posted about it on my personal Instagram page. (see HERE) It was a learning experience as only two of us showed up. Now I try NOT to be competitive here, because honestly I don't think it serves me any purpose, especially when people have come here to improve their overall health, BUT there is always someone who wants to test me. And this was a 50+ year old man who was in decent shape for his age and height (6 ft 5) and I am a chubby 5 ft 3 he tells me at the beginning that "he was going to take it easy on me today". Now I wanted to say "I've passed you on EVERY 5K you've done and I was doing a GTFOH" nonetheless I sucked it up and said "I think I'll be OK" and I was...I not only made it up the biggest hill, as the last mile is 1000ft hill all the way up...I was there before he arrived by about 9 or 10 min. So I stopped and did a photo shoot and then started back down the hill. I ran further for a total of 7.17 miles to his 4.3 miles. And you bet your sweet booties I made a comment when the van arrived and picked me up last. I "thanked him for taking it easy on me" and made sure he understood that I knew what he was actually saying, that it was NOT appreciated, and reminded him that I've beat him before and would do it again and again. I may be a bigger woman but I'm fit and I will win. We are all in this together, but if you want to test me and be a d-bag about it, you better be able to bring it.

After the morning run we had quite a long break (about two hours). Many people leave on Saturday and the latter half and Sunday are rest days and personal time for the guests. However before that could happen we had "Cliff's Last Blast Workout"...and what a workout it is...longer than the rest of the week, and the trainer Cliff goes HAM!!!! He worked muscles I didn't even know I had. My body is still screaming after the massage I had, but it was so worth it.

Sunday...which is today...I was not feeling my best self so I've spent most of the day in bed, catching up with phone calls and Facetime, as well as some netflix..and a little working on my show and some new choreography.

So yeah that was my weekend at Movara...looking forward to the next week and finding out how much weight I've lost as well as see my after pictures. To be honest I am not certain if I've lost a lot of weight but I can definitely see definition so I know inches off are in my future.

Until next time



Day 2: And I Didn't Die

Today was a day of first for me. I went on the morning hike and the guides decided to make it a bit more "fun". Fun is code for hard as hell. So the hike started off hard and crazy, we started a steep incline and scaling the mountain right away. Then she threw in something extra and asked if anyone wanted to try. I am terrified of heights and no one wanted to if you know me, well you know I said "I want to try"...and I did but I just couldn't do the last bit. It was some scary footing and one false move and I would have fallen to my death. BUT at least I did try and got pretty far up.

Today's workout was pretty tame in comparison to yesterday:

I did ALL of this and I didn't die!!!! #winning

I did ALL of this and I didn't die!!!! #winning

After the hike was my favorite part of the day breakfast. We have a great selection but I went with my eggs scramble with hot sauce. Here is today's menu and I got a pic of all the food today. It was delicious. Hard to believe so few calories. Look at all the food for under 1250 calories. Amazeballs

I am feeling much stronger, however the environment can be taxing at times especially dealing with the "personalities". Many are Type A, some are shy, and others are just plain rude. I am the only black woman here and at times I feel like I am the only one in St.George. No one has made me feel uncomfortable except for one guest whose name I knew but he referred to me as "Felicia" He says it was an honest mistake but really COME ON, you'd have to live under a rock to not know one of the biggest catch phrases of the past year. I just laughed it off but it isn't funny. So I just decided to distance myself from the person and focus on me. As I am not here to make friends, but change my life.

Speaking of friends, I have made a few. One is my new workout partner... I push her because I know she can do it. Everytime we workout together she tells me...I didn't think I could do that. And it helps me to push her because then I work out harder as well. It is a good partnership and I look forward to working out with her everyday.

So far, so good. Today was hard and long. I went to bed at 8:30 PM which is why I am posting this on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night. However our day starts at 630am and ends around 630 it's a lot. However I am digging the structure, and I can already feel myself getting focused and becoming stronger.

Welp, gotta hit the gym and foam roll before the hike...time for Day 3: Wednesday. And as they say what doesn't kill us, makes us STRONGER.



Movara Day 1: THIS is NOT a Game

People come to a health and wellness spa for a variety of take a break from life, to lose weight, to get healthy, to hike, and a myriad of others. I came because I am afraid of heights and I also could lose 50 or 60 pounds. Which isn't that bad considering I have been over 150 lbs heavier off and on thru my adult life, so having only 60 or so to lose is like a blessing.

Today was officially Day 1 and it was a grueling schedule, but I made it:

I got up at 545 am, washed my face brushed my teeth and got dressed. I had to be in the dining hall by 615 where we learned what our assessment hike would be. To be honest I found it a bit basic and somewhat boring. I burned 944 calories but I've burned more than that doing a 10K, so I'm not certain if I will continue unless they become more challenging or I'm moved up a group. I've spoken to management about this we shall see. It was however a beautiful sunrise and the hiking was lovely:

Morning Hike...Monday

Morning Hike...Monday

After a two hour hike it was breakfast time. I snapped a pic of today's menu. I got a pic of all the food except for dinner. I was a piggy and ate it all before I remembered to snap a pic. Actually it wasn't until I was about to blog this post that I remembered that I didn't have a pic. Sorry, but the food was delicious. I like how they have the calorie count as well. It makes me using myfitnesspal MUCH easier:

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

The rest of the day was filled with kickboxing, hip hop class, free gym time, then court challenge filled with mountain climbers, running and burpees, and off to circuit training. By the time 430 came and it was the final class I chose stretch because my body was talking, and it was saying "mama I AM SPENT". I was never so happy for dinner.

After dinner, I hung out with my new friend Paige and her lovely pooch Nico. Who is about as sweet as sweet can be; then I took a dip in the hot tub followed by pool.

WHEW...that was a day, so I took a shower, typed up this blog and plan on being in bed by 9PM, because welp...tomorrow we do it all over again. I am really loving this place, it's like sleepaway camp but for adults.


Movara Fitness and Weightloss Resort I come

Well the time has come for me to check out another idea for my LOLA ladies and well other folks in general. I will try to post daily if I'm not too tired but if you take a look at a sample day. MOVARA is NOT a game. It is a health and fitness resort (and yes sometimes I will refer to it as Fat Camp, but that is MY CHOICE and my words),as this place is much more than that.

As you can see it is a LOT of hard work. Early am hikes for 2-2.5 hours, followed by breakfast, then class or lecture, then lunch followed by more classes. A total of 6-8 hours of exercise per day. WOW!

A day in the life at Movara

A day in the life at Movara

I'm exhausted just looking at the schedule. The check-in was relatively simple. I spoke to the reservationist (Nancy) as well as the owner (Guy) and after talking to them and some of the clients I knew this was the place for me. It offered everything I could possible want in a fitness vacation. Tons of hiking, prepared meals and a workout plan that encompasses dance class a few times per week. Perfection.

The program officially starts tomorrow so I thought I'd share the layout of the campus. When I first arrive all Isee is a fleet of Movara vans. I found out these vans are used in the morning to take us out to the mountains for hikes, as well as field trips to the grocery store (where we learn label reading and healthy shopping), and to my favorite place TARGET!!!!

The hiking vans

The hiking vans

Next up the initial weigh-in and before pics. I've decided not to post those as I'm waiting to the end as this camp is not only about weight lose but changing ones mindset when dealing with food as well as getting healthy. This place has everything a person could ever need EXCEPT caffeine. There is no smoking, caffeine, or alcohol allowed on the premises. So my Gin and Tonics will be a thing of the past for the next few weeks. And I'm actually ok with this...who am I?

Next up a tour of the facilities :

The dining area where we can eat inside or dine al fresco even on the couch. Everyday there is a menu board with foods of the day as well as calorie count. And we have weekly cooking classes so I learn how to make all the delicious meals.

The dining area where we can eat inside or dine al fresco even on the couch. Everyday there is a menu board with foods of the day as well as calorie count. And we have weekly cooking classes so I learn how to make all the delicious meals.

Next up my bedroom. Movara has two rooming options either can share a room with a savings of $600 per week. They are hotel like in looks but the beds seem pretty comfy:

The you can see Lex has claimed her spot.

The you can see Lex has claimed her spot.

After I got situated and laid down a few minutes I knew I had to see the place where the work (torture?!?) would be had: The Gym, Aerobics Room, and the Court.

The torture chambers... or the Hot Body Makeover Rooms as I like to think of them.

The torture chambers... or the Hot Body Makeover Rooms as I like to think of them.

There is a lecture hall, business center, as well as a rec room with a pool table and tons of games. So one can never get too bored. And if you do get bored it's because you didn't work hard enough because you should be tired:

Business Center, Rec room and lecture hall

Business Center, Rec room and lecture hall

Movara can be considered costly but the staff is first rate and they always seem to find ways to help those who may not be able to do it otherwise, and there are even programs to take out a loan. As well as incentives for those who need to stay longer. I've met clients who are staying 10, 12 even 24 weeks. This is a commitment. Many think it's expensive but not as expensive as tons of medicines and hospital visits that could be in my future. Remember that HEALTH is WEALTH. And without your health, all the money in the world doesn't matter.

Please follow me over the next few weeks as I invite you into my world of fitness at Movara. Clink on the link at the top of the page to go to the website to see cost, pics, success stories and more.

Oh and by the way they have a FULL SERVICE spa right here on campus so someone is always available to massage out those kinks and soreness as well as apply a coat of polish to the nails and tootsies. Can you really ask for anything more?

Time for me to go take a nap, tomorrow is a BIG day as Monday is assessment Hike day so they know which would be the best group for you. Movara is like the best parent you could ever have, they want nothing but the best for YOU, and make certain your needs are being met. And if the program is too hard or you need an adjustment they help, and not leave you to flutter in the wind. I haven't been here long, but I do know I already love this place.

Later taters,

Kit (and Lexie too)

NLDR- Week 2..the Struggle Continues..Day by Day

Day 8

Today was a hard and crazy day. We did the 9K the last 1K killed because of the hills and I was like F this. Typical morning of psyllium husk, Apple Cider Vinegar, vitamins, and more juice. We were to go scuba diving but issues with the van so me and my friend spent the day on the beach. Had dinner. Waited an hour and went to my massage where SERIOUSLY I am 98% sure I was molested. AND I would tell you the story so you know how serious I am, BUT I'm saving it for my show. As I cannot make this ish up. On the plus (or rather negative side;-) I'm down 9 pounds from last week. So now week 2: I am GOING IN!

Day 9

I am being gaslit and set up. This place is becoming a nightmare. I came to relax and detox, and all I meet is deception, bad staffing, and all out insanity. I just had a chat with the manager about an outing we took on Saturday. Where I was accused of rushing a driver because "I" wanted to go home. Apparently 2 or 3 people complained. In actuality...I wanted to stay but so many were like "no thanks" that we moved on TWICE. Now the management wants to make it as if I am an issue with guests therefore disruptive to the community. My response was "well 1. I will not be going on any more group activities. 2. I already work out on my own, and just today signed up for more kickboxing classes. As everyone is too slow on the walk and I end up way ahead, and there are too many scary and wild dogs on the route to do it alone. Part of me just wants to ask for my money back and go to another camp, BUT it would be crazy to do so and honestly I have 19 full days left, and I have already paid for outside training. SO to go to another island to find a comparable camp isn't the best idea. I know I will have to post reviews on Trip Advisor, but I wonder even then if a "tit for tat" is worth it. God give me strength.

Day 10

It finally happened...a day WITHOUT incident...well kinda. I'm now the caretaker of two random detox kitties. There are two kittens that one person passes on to another person and they stay on property. The person who had taken them has to leave the program as she is gravely ill and going back to the states for treatment. (detox also usually means some sort of cancer or holistic healing in addition to weightloss) yeah the person who doesn't like cats and allergic is responsible for two of them because no one else would do it, and I hated to see such a sick woman in distress over some cats. As long as I don't pet them too much I should be ok. I spent today with the usual craziness...I didn't do the 645am walk as I am not a fan of the wild dogs, so I went to kickboxing was so flipping hard, I actually left in tears. I know it will be better tomorrow. Came home, had breakfast and went to my "slimming session" where they put a machine on your belly for 30 min, then wrap it up in saran wrap, and bake me in an oven type contraption for 30 min. After I came back for a noon meditation class, followed up by a 1pm colima. (every day we do it with water and coffee), massage at 2. Finally a brake before yoga 4-530, steam room 530-6, dinner and now finally bedtime. It has been an exhausting day, but peaceful. ‪#‎thankyouJesus‬ and all y'all who have been keeping me lifted in prayer, positive thoughts, good energy, facetime calls (especially Amber who has been here for me every step of the way, and talks me down everyday) between her, Jennifer, and my sister it has been amazing to talk to them every day. And forever grateful for the emails, facebook messages and posts. You guys are awesome. And I love each and every one of you.

Day 11

My survival continues. Things have gotten considerably better, people are nicer to me. It's all weird. One of the ladies has asked me to go jet ski and wants to assist me in swimming now that my friend Spencer is gone. Another asked me on a group shopping outing, and the one person who works here that I find to be "strange" at best cornered me in a 10 minute conversation that if you asked , they would likely sayI was pleasant and affable. And the entire time all I could nice Kit, this will be over soon and you can escape to room. I did get a run in this morning. 

The day was quite busy: am run, home, coconut oil shot, veggie juice, 11 am Muay Thai private where I'm now learning spin kicks and take downs, back to resort for ACV and supplements, shower, lunch which was a berry blend smoothie, colima at 1, massage at 2, green drunk at 3, yoga from 4-539, feeding the damn cats, herbal steam 545-6, parasite zapper and dinner (pumpkin soup) 6-630 then my daily fat suck from 7-8pm. (That's where they rub my belly for half an hour,wrap me in Saran Wrap then stick me in an oven type thing for 30 min. And that for me is a typical day. I haven't had time to write postcards, read a book or color. I feel really good. Not sure what this weeks weight loss will be as I don't think it will be as dramatic as last week. I do think I'm going to have a serious loose skin issue as my body looks like hell without clothes but as they say 'one step at a time'. Thanks to all for the positive energy and prayers. I feel protected and it is working !

Day 12

Day a freaky episode of the Twilight Zone, but I know it was just God, all the prayers and positive energy as it is like everyone has done a complete 180. And honestly I haven't changed anything I have been doing so I really think it's weird. But everyone is playing nice, and I no longer feel on edge. I took it easy today: no morning run for me as I slept in until 925AM...YAS. I went for the fat suck back thing, then back to camp for lunch and Salsa class. It was actually lots of fun as they found out I am a dancer and a performer so you KNOW I gave them all the Latin Sensation I could muster, followed up by massage, coliema, Yoga, steam and dinner. Finished the day with a serious foot massage, manicure and pedicure (all three of those services was under 30$ and lasted over 2 hours) in the words of Ice Cube (sing along along if you know the words)..."and today was a good day"

Day 13

Day 13 of 28...bit down due to anniversary of dad's death, so I took it a little easier today. A 5k beach walk in the morning, breakfast, kickboxing private at 10, lunch, the the "fat bake" (the saran wrap and baked in an oven type contraption), home, massage, colonenma, 1.5 hr yoga, steam room, dinner, and ending the day with a foot massage. The people aren't bad and I even had a nice discussion with the owner about some suggestions for the resort, as well as new deodorant for me to try as now when I use Secret my skin breaks out.Hard to believe tomorrow I will be halfway done. A bit nervous about my weigh in on Monday as I made the mistake of too many electrolytes and pickle juice for my cramping. It helped tons but I forgot about the sodium which holds on weight. So we will see.

Day 14

Day 14... Nothing to report at all. All the people are playing nice. I did my own walk somewhere between 4-5 miles, made some phone calls, lots of reading, a massage and dinner. I also checked into a suite next door so I could have a good nights sleep, and YES I cheated..I broke down and had not one but TWO glasses of white wine. And I give no fucks....I needed a drink. That was enough to make me pass smooth the hell out.The end

Tune in again for the next installment of "How the Fat Falls Off as I Detox the heck out of my Body so I Don't Die From Cancer"

NLDR- The #Shade and #Struggle is REAL- 7 day play by play

In effort to NOT bore you with a daily post of my time at the detox, I write down my daily thoughts, experiences, issues etc. and post as one big blog at the end of the 7 day stretch. You're welcome.

I am keeping it 100 with you the entire time. Some stuff you will laugh, some you may think "this chick is crazy" and the rest will more than likely be "OH HELL NAW" but this is my experience during my first two weeks, and let me tell you...

Read more

Medical Tourism...How did I get here?!?

There are various kinds of tourism in the world from me who focuses on gender specific, to help trips (ie building houses in 3 rd world countries, missionary work etc), to adventure, luxury and the one I am focusing on: MEDICAL.

Medical tourism has boomed over the last few years. Once believed only for the rich and famous now anyone can go to Africa for a safari and tummy tuck, with a little skin lift on top. Thailand isn't called the "land of smiles" for nothing. On ever corner, much like a Starbucks in America there is a "Happy Dental" or "Dental Smiles" where you can get everything and anything from cleanings to fillings to implants and more.

I've been researching detox clinics for various reasons: 1. to save my life. My father died of three types of cancer at 62years old. He never drank or smoked. One reasons the doctors said it wasn't caught in time was because of his size. Over the last year I have had my own run ins with the disease and I'm now attempting to do everything in my power to stop it before it stops me. Which lead me to look for clinics in the states that focused on health and the Gershon therapy. (if you don't know it...look it up). I wanted a clinic that utilizes both. And I found one..that was almost 20G for a month. THAT IS NUTS.

Then I had to consult good old trusty google and starting looking for places around the world. And that's how I found New Leaf Detox Resort. It's a 3 star no frills health and detox resort. There is no one bringing me juices and coddling me. It's a hands on but do it yourself type of place. Or at least that is what I got from talking to the owner (Aire) and customer service reps. And it was a QUARTER of the cost.

So, I signed up. I will post weekly video updates starting in the next day or so. I've sighed up for a 28 day Transformation package...we will see.

Wish me luck