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This has been a hard week for us at LOLA with the death of icon Kate Spade.

We launched in Amsterdam because of bags and purses. Kate Spade was a major influencer in my love of a nice purse. Then today, travel guru and icon Anthony Bourdain. He showed me places I would never have ventured out on my own.

They both seemed so strong and to have it all, but that's just it, even the strong have moments of weakness. I am learning that self-care is first and foremost in my life. Granted this is not the life I planned for myself but it's the life I have and it's a good one.

June is a hard month for me: it the's's just... bad.

This year I decided to take it back. Kicking off the summer in Italy.  Life is too short to "wish I had time to travel." or "if only I had the money". Sometimes you just have to go for it. Work out the details later.

This trip was all food, wine, fun and perfect.

Please remember, words hurt; pain is real. Please show some respect for those who appear strong but may not be. Compassion and love.

Canada Suicide Prevention Service: 1-833-456-4566

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA): 1-800-273-8255

Museum of Bags and Purses Amsterdam aka Where it all began

I officially launch LOLA January 1, 2016. Now, here we are almost two years later and growing and evolving. What started out as a small tour in Amsterdam has morphed into a website, IG pages for both LOLA and the face of the company Lexie, and so much more. 

2018 will be chalked full of adventure as I am working on my first fitness/wellness retreat that will include yoga, Muay Thai, meditation, hiking and more in the lovely location of Koh Samui, Thailand.  

Also, I'm planning the adventure of a lifetime and would love to get a group together for some or most of the trip: Africa 2018

Gonna hike Kilimanjaro, go on a Safari, then on to the lands of my ancestors Mali, Benin, and Togo for a couple of weeks. This trip will be 4-6 weeks. If any interest or you want to know more you can always reach out to me via email:

So excited for the things to come but here is a reminder of where I started:  

We started at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje and now we are here. Located in Amsterdam, NL, is a museum devoted to historic handbags, purses and suitcases. The museum's collection includes 4,000 items dating back to the 16th century. One of only three museums across the globe specializing in the field, and its collection is the world's largest.

2017 keeps on whizzing by and we all know I am not one to let moss settle on my feet. Stay tuned or better yet contact me and JOIN me on my next adventure.  I mean we are Ladies on the Lam.

Tieks Review....

Ok, at first I was like "ok Oprah, what is all the hype about? Over 200$ for a pair of ballet flats? Are you F-ing kidding me?"

Welp...she was not, and these flats are NOT A GAME, but a game CHANGER.

I bought these in late December for my Asia trip that was scheduled for end of Jan until early April. (and they come with a personalized note)

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

I was tired of packing 4-5 pairs of shoes in addition to clothes. I needed a shoe that could easily transition from afternoon to evening. Granted I was sad to give up a pair of heels but glad to have the additional room in my carry-on case.

I try out EVERYTHING on my blog and IG posts before I post good (or bad) because if I'm not willing to try them out then I am not willing to invest my own money into a product.

I was a little leary about trying out Tieks. Everything is done online, so trying on shoes is a no- go. At times this alone is a deal breaker, but if Mama O says to go for it, who am I to say no. I took the risk and shelled out the cash for a pair of Obsidian Black, payed the rush fee, because of course I waited until last minute. (ie two days before my trip) BUT am I glad I did. For two months in Asia I packed one pair of flip flops, one pair of sneakers/trainers, and this pair of Tieks. And believe I walked EVERYWHERE from Bat Caves in Kuala Lampur to the massive steps of Big Buddha in Thailand. These shoes are EVERYTHING, however at the price tag...while I would really love a pair (hint hint @Tieks) the cost is a bit steep for an avid traveler on a limited budget. If I only had a coupon...BIG HINT.

All in all...LOVE THE SHOES

Thank You Hong Kong ...I DO Count

Sad that it takes going to another country to feel as if you matter. In NYC, I go thru life feeling very small at times, almost insignificant. Maybe it's because I am overweight, maybe it's because I am female, maybe because I'm black...however I feel like it's all three and perhaps even more. It's not a defeated or defeatist attitude, it's just my reality.

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