Cheap Fares but at What Cost? Fuel Dumping: Friend or Foe

I just booked a ticket. To Africa...Ghana to be exact. For $328.28. That's right from New York City, NY in America to ACC (Ghana in Africa) for THREE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS and TWENTY EIGHT CENTS round trip. Sorry for the ALL CAPS but I am super excited about this, the thing that is not so exciting was it's a fuel dump ticket. And well they can be tricky.

I could write it all out and break it down for you myself, but I'll be in honest in the end I would just be taking someone's words as mine as it's pretty hard to explain. I found a great article in the Economist about the process and while it's not for the faint of heart but if you are low on cash and willing to take some chances it's an amazing way to see the world. Please check out the article HERE: and if not here is a direct link as well: