I ATE ALL OF INDIA..and I liked it

While traveling, I love to find out different aspects of the culture but it's usually the fashion, booze, beauty and food. While in India I had lots of food...lots AND lots of food. It was Heavenly.

If you are EVER in New Delhi, the ONLY (well it's not the only one but it definitely is the BEST one) Food tour you need is run by "India Food Tour" (click on words if you want to check out their site). This tour was RIDICULOUS! And I mean that in a great way.

I signed up originally for the "Single Traveler" option. I believed it was just gonna be me and a guide trying things out. I was shocked but delighted when it was not just me but 12 others. I could tell you about how amazing everything was and write about it for days. Raj, one of the guides as well as a professional chef was perfection: funny, witty, charming, dad-like (he was always on hand with sanitizer and wipes), and boy did he know his food. He is like a wizard. He taught me more about food, blends, tastes and my pallet in six hours than I have known my entire life. I will NEVER eat food the same way again...I've been changed. I AM A BELIEVER. And I believe that pics are better than my words. This is what we ate: (*note: click on pics if slide show doesn't load to see all the food)

1) Kachori (peas & lentils) with potato curry
2) Samosa (potatoes)
3) Nagori halwa
4) Sweet Lassi
5) Fruit sandwich
6) Allo chaat
7) Naan khatai
8) Kulfi (pomegranate & saffron pistachio)-ICE CREAM
9) Chola bhatura & kulcha
10) Gulab Jamun
11) Golgappe (hallow ball with spicy water): there was both a savory and a sweet one. My fave was the sweet.
12) Mushroom Patty, Chicken patty & Shammi kebab
13) Chicken tikka rolls & Paneer rolls (YUMMY)
14) Thumbs up (soda)