A Brand New Day...And We Can NEVER Go Back to Before

So much has happened over the last few weeks. When the results came in I was so depressed. I finally felt that I mattered in this country. Well the cold truth is I DON'T, NONE of us do unless you have buckets of money.

I was angry, sad, distraught and what does one do when they get into a funk...pull out the Broadway soundtracks to my favorite shows. One show in particular that really hit home at this time of uncertainty: Ragtime. The song: Back to Before. The lyric:

there are people out there
unafraid of revealing
that they might have a feeling,
or they might have been wrong.
there are people out there
unafraid to feel sorrow,
unafraid of tomorrow,
unafraid to be weak,
unafraid to be strong...


I AM that person...I am unafraid as this is a place that I have been before. No one will take my spirit or my fight, as we can NEVER GO BACK TO BEFORE.