NLDR- Week 2..the Struggle Continues..Day by Day

Day 8

Today was a hard and crazy day. We did the 9K the last 1K killed because of the hills and I was like F this. Typical morning of psyllium husk, Apple Cider Vinegar, vitamins, and more juice. We were to go scuba diving but issues with the van so me and my friend spent the day on the beach. Had dinner. Waited an hour and went to my massage where SERIOUSLY I am 98% sure I was molested. AND I would tell you the story so you know how serious I am, BUT I'm saving it for my show. As I cannot make this ish up. On the plus (or rather negative side;-) I'm down 9 pounds from last week. So now week 2: I am GOING IN!

Day 9

I am being gaslit and set up. This place is becoming a nightmare. I came to relax and detox, and all I meet is deception, bad staffing, and all out insanity. I just had a chat with the manager about an outing we took on Saturday. Where I was accused of rushing a driver because "I" wanted to go home. Apparently 2 or 3 people complained. In actuality...I wanted to stay but so many were like "no thanks" that we moved on TWICE. Now the management wants to make it as if I am an issue with guests therefore disruptive to the community. My response was "well 1. I will not be going on any more group activities. 2. I already work out on my own, and just today signed up for more kickboxing classes. As everyone is too slow on the walk and I end up way ahead, and there are too many scary and wild dogs on the route to do it alone. Part of me just wants to ask for my money back and go to another camp, BUT it would be crazy to do so and honestly I have 19 full days left, and I have already paid for outside training. SO to go to another island to find a comparable camp isn't the best idea. I know I will have to post reviews on Trip Advisor, but I wonder even then if a "tit for tat" is worth it. God give me strength.

Day 10

It finally happened...a day WITHOUT incident...well kinda. I'm now the caretaker of two random detox kitties. There are two kittens that one person passes on to another person and they stay on property. The person who had taken them has to leave the program as she is gravely ill and going back to the states for treatment. (detox also usually means some sort of cancer or holistic healing in addition to weightloss) yeah the person who doesn't like cats and allergic is responsible for two of them because no one else would do it, and I hated to see such a sick woman in distress over some cats. As long as I don't pet them too much I should be ok. I spent today with the usual craziness...I didn't do the 645am walk as I am not a fan of the wild dogs, so I went to kickboxing was so flipping hard, I actually left in tears. I know it will be better tomorrow. Came home, had breakfast and went to my "slimming session" where they put a machine on your belly for 30 min, then wrap it up in saran wrap, and bake me in an oven type contraption for 30 min. After I came back for a noon meditation class, followed up by a 1pm colima. (every day we do it with water and coffee), massage at 2. Finally a brake before yoga 4-530, steam room 530-6, dinner and now finally bedtime. It has been an exhausting day, but peaceful. ‪#‎thankyouJesus‬ and all y'all who have been keeping me lifted in prayer, positive thoughts, good energy, facetime calls (especially Amber who has been here for me every step of the way, and talks me down everyday) between her, Jennifer, and my sister it has been amazing to talk to them every day. And forever grateful for the emails, facebook messages and posts. You guys are awesome. And I love each and every one of you.

Day 11

My survival continues. Things have gotten considerably better, people are nicer to me. It's all weird. One of the ladies has asked me to go jet ski and wants to assist me in swimming now that my friend Spencer is gone. Another asked me on a group shopping outing, and the one person who works here that I find to be "strange" at best cornered me in a 10 minute conversation that if you asked , they would likely sayI was pleasant and affable. And the entire time all I could nice Kit, this will be over soon and you can escape to room. I did get a run in this morning. 

The day was quite busy: am run, home, coconut oil shot, veggie juice, 11 am Muay Thai private where I'm now learning spin kicks and take downs, back to resort for ACV and supplements, shower, lunch which was a berry blend smoothie, colima at 1, massage at 2, green drunk at 3, yoga from 4-539, feeding the damn cats, herbal steam 545-6, parasite zapper and dinner (pumpkin soup) 6-630 then my daily fat suck from 7-8pm. (That's where they rub my belly for half an hour,wrap me in Saran Wrap then stick me in an oven type thing for 30 min. And that for me is a typical day. I haven't had time to write postcards, read a book or color. I feel really good. Not sure what this weeks weight loss will be as I don't think it will be as dramatic as last week. I do think I'm going to have a serious loose skin issue as my body looks like hell without clothes but as they say 'one step at a time'. Thanks to all for the positive energy and prayers. I feel protected and it is working !

Day 12

Day a freaky episode of the Twilight Zone, but I know it was just God, all the prayers and positive energy as it is like everyone has done a complete 180. And honestly I haven't changed anything I have been doing so I really think it's weird. But everyone is playing nice, and I no longer feel on edge. I took it easy today: no morning run for me as I slept in until 925AM...YAS. I went for the fat suck back thing, then back to camp for lunch and Salsa class. It was actually lots of fun as they found out I am a dancer and a performer so you KNOW I gave them all the Latin Sensation I could muster, followed up by massage, coliema, Yoga, steam and dinner. Finished the day with a serious foot massage, manicure and pedicure (all three of those services was under 30$ and lasted over 2 hours) in the words of Ice Cube (sing along along if you know the words)..."and today was a good day"

Day 13

Day 13 of 28...bit down due to anniversary of dad's death, so I took it a little easier today. A 5k beach walk in the morning, breakfast, kickboxing private at 10, lunch, the the "fat bake" (the saran wrap and baked in an oven type contraption), home, massage, colonenma, 1.5 hr yoga, steam room, dinner, and ending the day with a foot massage. The people aren't bad and I even had a nice discussion with the owner about some suggestions for the resort, as well as new deodorant for me to try as now when I use Secret my skin breaks out.Hard to believe tomorrow I will be halfway done. A bit nervous about my weigh in on Monday as I made the mistake of too many electrolytes and pickle juice for my cramping. It helped tons but I forgot about the sodium which holds on weight. So we will see.

Day 14

Day 14... Nothing to report at all. All the people are playing nice. I did my own walk somewhere between 4-5 miles, made some phone calls, lots of reading, a massage and dinner. I also checked into a suite next door so I could have a good nights sleep, and YES I cheated..I broke down and had not one but TWO glasses of white wine. And I give no fucks....I needed a drink. That was enough to make me pass smooth the hell out.The end

Tune in again for the next installment of "How the Fat Falls Off as I Detox the heck out of my Body so I Don't Die From Cancer"

Medical Tourism...How did I get here?!?

There are various kinds of tourism in the world from me who focuses on gender specific, to help trips (ie building houses in 3 rd world countries, missionary work etc), to adventure, luxury and the one I am focusing on: MEDICAL.

Medical tourism has boomed over the last few years. Once believed only for the rich and famous now anyone can go to Africa for a safari and tummy tuck, with a little skin lift on top. Thailand isn't called the "land of smiles" for nothing. On ever corner, much like a Starbucks in America there is a "Happy Dental" or "Dental Smiles" where you can get everything and anything from cleanings to fillings to implants and more.

I've been researching detox clinics for various reasons: 1. to save my life. My father died of three types of cancer at 62years old. He never drank or smoked. One reasons the doctors said it wasn't caught in time was because of his size. Over the last year I have had my own run ins with the disease and I'm now attempting to do everything in my power to stop it before it stops me. Which lead me to look for clinics in the states that focused on health and the Gershon therapy. (if you don't know it...look it up). I wanted a clinic that utilizes both. And I found one..that was almost 20G for a month. THAT IS NUTS.

Then I had to consult good old trusty google and starting looking for places around the world. And that's how I found New Leaf Detox Resort. It's a 3 star no frills health and detox resort. There is no one bringing me juices and coddling me. It's a hands on but do it yourself type of place. Or at least that is what I got from talking to the owner (Aire) and customer service reps. And it was a QUARTER of the cost.

So, I signed up. I will post weekly video updates starting in the next day or so. I've sighed up for a 28 day Transformation package...we will see.

Wish me luck