Hey friends...I've been away for a few days. I'm currently in Utah shooting a film, as well as checking out a few places for hopefully LOLA getaways in the future...and guess who is going domestic? That's right ...yours truly. I still will be focusing on Amsterdam, however I want to expand to various US cities in unusual places like Utah, Seattle, Portland, Chicago and somewhere on the east coast. Still in the air about that location.

Today was my late day on the set. I'm in lovely Ivins, UT and the scenery is absolutely stunning.

Snow Canyon State Park- Ivins, UT

Snow Canyon State Park- Ivins, UT

Isn't it breathtaking? So breathtaking that I got lost and was scared for my life. I think the movie 127 Hours played over in my head at least a million times.  I walked around FOREVER, then it started to rain so I took cover in a rock enclosure. 127 HOURS had become my life, and all I could think is "Please God let me keep my limbs" . Reception was spotty at best but I was soon able to get a call into park officials and send them pics of the things were around me.

They found me within20 minutes maybe less..definitely faster than Domino's delivery. Once I had been saved...well I needed a pic of course.

Wilderness Woman

Wilderness Woman

At first I swore I would never attempt hiking again, then after thinking about it a few hours I've decided to fight this fear. I'm going ALL IN, and signing up for a hiking retreat. Why? because if something scares you then you have to face it head on.

THAT'S how a LOLA woman does it! Wish me luck.



T.W.B Traveling While Black

Various bloggers have shared their experience on this subject. I, in turn have used their blogs and experiences while planning my own excursions. However, I take all advice with a grain of salt, because sometimes you just have to see things for yourself. Only once did I ever kick myself for ignoring such advice.

It’s like this...being black in America is pretty much like being black in London, Spain, France or any place other than Africa. The only plus is that once they hear the American accent they usually treat you much, MUCH better. Still in some places, there are some looks, bad customer service, comments, etc. Luckily, for me most of my run-ins were nothing more than idle curiosity. At least a  dozen times while in Prague and Turkey especially I had people wanting to take a picture WITH ME. Guess so they can show their friends that black Americans DO exist.

In Europe, it seems as if Black Americans are treated with more respect than Africans, or even black Europeans. However, they also appear to have some closed-mindlike views. For instance, I found these toys in a vending machine in Germany. The depiction of black people was a bit disheartening.

Nonetheless, they still possess overall a better appreciation for people of color than I have found in the states. In the us I am afraid to go outside and be that person in the wrong place at the wrong time. In most of Europe I felt finally free. Free to walk around and not be followed in a store. Free to know that a cop won’t come up to me, ask a few questions then shoot me in the head.

Sad to say I’d rather be caught TWB in ANY country ANY day than to be racially profiled in America on any given afternoon.