Mexico City ... Yesteryear Flashback of elegance and decadence

As an effort to begin writing more, I decided to try something different. My screen saver changes daily. And I've decided that for now..every 2-3 days I will blog about the trip or event of the photo. (always with a travel tip/angle)

Today's cover photo is the reason for this post. It's J and I at a Mexico City Hotel playing in the elevator. I loved this hotel. It was all the rage as the James Bond film "Spectre" had just premiered early Winter 2015. The opening scene was filmed just to the southwest of the Zócalo. at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México, With Art Nouveau stained glass, beautiful and crafted vaulted ceilings and an ornamental delight for the eyes, and so worthy of its name, it transports you to a loss era of beauty, fashion, plush and lush. The devil is in the details.

(hint:Just click on the pic to see the gallery of 8 hotel pics)