Missing Asia

Today I am sitting at work wishing I was enjoying the beautiful scenery...enjoy: 


 Cherry Blossom Time



The Taj



A beautiful Samui Morning ... 



Fear...of water, flying and more, however JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Fear...I am afraid of anything, everything and NOTHING; all at the same time. Moments creep up on me and I wonder: am I doing the right thing? , How am I going to afford this? Am I crazy for thinking a travel adventure company for women could work? And so on and so forth.

But then I remind myself to do NOTHING, just breathe. Get through the moment. It feels as if some moments are a lifetime, but they too pass.

Personally, I detest long flights, water vexes me, have no use for repressive heat OR so I believed until I chose Asia for my destination de jour. After catching a great break on Qatar Airlines I was off for almost three months to see the undiscovered...I traveled all over parts of SE Asia and Australia.

First and foremost, I do NOT like to fly. Mainly because I feel it is a waste of time. I mean I'm just in the air. I can't control anything on a plane. I can't even backseat drive and tell the pilot to "watch out" I feel powerless.  However, Qatar made me forget all about that:

Second, I was terrified of water; now thanks to a lovely Aussie I am over that fear. I made a new friend in Thailand who was a behavioral specialist as well as former lifeguard. In the beginning, I didn't want to even get in the water, by the end I could doggie paddle.


Last but not least, I HATE the heat. I don't like being hot and I believe that air conditioning is the best invention EVER. PERIOD. THE END. So to exist in 100 degree heat and even (GASP) exercise.


One night in Thailand I was feeling VERY alone and homesick. And I thought of the movie Finding Nemo. Especially the part where Dory told Marlin that when you don't know what to do you "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. swimming. swimming" and that's what I do.

I know how I want the game to end, I just don't know the path yet. And that's Ok.

NLDR- The #Shade and #Struggle is REAL- 7 day play by play

In effort to NOT bore you with a daily post of my time at the detox, I write down my daily thoughts, experiences, issues etc. and post as one big blog at the end of the 7 day stretch. You're welcome.

I am keeping it 100 with you the entire time. Some stuff you will laugh, some you may think "this chick is crazy" and the rest will more than likely be "OH HELL NAW" but this is my experience during my first two weeks, and let me tell you...

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The Travel Bible

If I haven't mentioned it before...I'm anal (and no not the peepee in boom boom sort of way) in the retentive I need to have everything at my fingertips at a moments notice sort of way. I don't expect everyone to be as organized as I am...far from it, but I have a few suggestions to assist in making your journey a bit less stressful.


Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Get a folder or a notebook. Unless you are super computer literate then set up a "trip confirmation" (or name it something that is actually cool) folder and stick it on your smartphone, or the tried and true...get an empty notebook to hold all your confirmations, add folders and put them in order (ie flights/travel, hotels, copies of passports,visas etc), a holder for receipts, biz cards, pens/pencils, coloring book. You name it, it's at my finger tips .

Just do it. Thank me later. (ps- I do both..mainly so my assistant can have a file of my locations, so it may come in handy). Granted, mine is currently HUGE but I will also be traveling for the next 2.5 months. Now check out Lexie's. That trip was 8 days (small floppy folder):

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Good luck and safe travels