Facing My Biggest FEAR aka How I Learned to Swim in my 40's

Water to me has always been a siren's song to me. It calls me, beckons me and for years I would evade it. I loved water as long as it wasn't on my face or near any part of my body that I used for breathing. I would scream whenever I had to get my hair washed or if was caught out in a rainstorm. I always felt it was trying to drown me.

It started one year at summer camp. I had an ambitious swim coach who swore up and down, every which way until Sunday that she could teach me and anyone else in the world to swim. Somehow my parents believed this cocky little girl as she was probably 20 at best. Yeah...

I won't even bother to go into the details except to say I almost drowned and took out another little girl at the same time. I was seven. That day I decided swimming is not for me. My sister almost drowned a few years later. My mom didn't swim and oddly enough she drowned in the bathtub at 50. Needless to say, we are not water folks.

I tried again though at 16, then 21, 30, and the magical year of 33. I thought if Jesus can die for our sins and save the world at 33 I could learn how to swim, and well, just be thankful your soul was not at stake on my swimming prowess. Now here I am in my 40's and #livingmybestlife

I was given a couple of near-death experiences over the last few years that I now have a "fuck it" mentality. When it's my time, it's my time...period the end. Some think it makes me reckless, I believe it makes me fearless. Don't get me twisted I'm not jumping off cliffs or anything.

I am trying things I believed were damn near impossible for me. And what I've learned is all things are possible. In four weeks...I did what so many had tried to teach me to do. I SWAM ON MY OWN, without floaties, without anyone in the pool to hold my hand. I did it. WHY? What changed?

When I first arrived in Koh Samui, I went to a Detox camp. The instructor was very motivational and convincing. She along with my best friend and a host of others talked me into going in the ocean. To calm my fears they gave me a floatation device which I refused to hold on to. I insisted that I wear it instead. Then they all told me I would be safe they were strong swimmers...blah blah blah...they are all looking and talking to me with their back towards the ocean. I am looking past them at the biggest wave that was about to take us all under. If I hadn't insisted on wearing that floatation device I honestly believe I would not be writing this as I would be dead. It was in that moment I knew, if I ever wanted to truly survive I could not depend on others. I was going to swim!

I reached out the Aqua Instructor, Marco. We worked every other day 3x a week. Every week was a battle but now four weeks later...I'm a swimmer baby. Aint no stopping me now.

Many lessons, I wanted to cancel but I decided NOT THIS TIME. Many times I cried while in my lesson and at home in private but I KEPT GOING BACK. I PERSISTED and I SUCCEEDED. This has empowered me in more ways than I can count. Not only did I learn how to swim, I learned how to LIVE.

Until next time....



just keep swimming ...just keep swimming...just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming



Museum of Bags and Purses Amsterdam aka Where it all began

I officially launch LOLA January 1, 2016. Now, here we are almost two years later and growing and evolving. What started out as a small tour in Amsterdam has morphed into a website, IG pages for both LOLA and the face of the company Lexie, and so much more. 

2018 will be chalked full of adventure as I am working on my first fitness/wellness retreat that will include yoga, Muay Thai, meditation, hiking and more in the lovely location of Koh Samui, Thailand.  

Also, I'm planning the adventure of a lifetime and would love to get a group together for some or most of the trip: Africa 2018

Gonna hike Kilimanjaro, go on a Safari, then on to the lands of my ancestors Mali, Benin, and Togo for a couple of weeks. This trip will be 4-6 weeks. If any interest or you want to know more you can always reach out to me via email: ladiesonthelam@gmail.com

So excited for the things to come but here is a reminder of where I started:  

We started at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje and now we are here. Located in Amsterdam, NL, is a museum devoted to historic handbags, purses and suitcases. The museum's collection includes 4,000 items dating back to the 16th century. One of only three museums across the globe specializing in the field, and its collection is the world's largest.

2017 keeps on whizzing by and we all know I am not one to let moss settle on my feet. Stay tuned or better yet contact me and JOIN me on my next adventure.  I mean we are Ladies on the Lam.

Sabbatical Smooches: How It Came to be and WTF is going on with LOLA

Dating and kissing abroad once for me was a game I would play for personal entertainment, then I got into a bit of a tax predicament...and now it's become my way of life. Hey it's a tough job but someone HAS to do it. And do it, and do it and do it again. Move over kissing bandit there is a new gal in town, introducing... Kissing Kitty.

I've been traveling the globe from Sydney, AU to Seoul,SK kissing men (and women) just so I can write, blog and perform it just for you. Book will be completed winter 2017. However I will be posting excerpts, anecdotes, pics and more: did I tell you about the time I made out with the handsome Italian I met on the train platform in Pisa? Bellissimo!  Or the lovely lad from Kurdistan. While he no longer has a country, he does have quite a kiss.

And there is much much more...for once it really will be ok to kiss and tell.

Beautiful romantic Thai sunset...a bit of kissing was done here

Beautiful romantic Thai sunset...a bit of kissing was done here

LOLA is going in a different direction than when originally launched and this is a good thing. While I love tours and people I'd rather become more detailed oriented and putting together full trips and excursions. Thinking either Cuba for a humanitarian trip, or Thailand for a beach/workout/adventure getaway...depending on interest. If interested in either please leave comment below or shoot me an email (ladiesonthelam@gmail.com)



Fear...of water, flying and more, however JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Fear...I am afraid of anything, everything and NOTHING; all at the same time. Moments creep up on me and I wonder: am I doing the right thing? , How am I going to afford this? Am I crazy for thinking a travel adventure company for women could work? And so on and so forth.

But then I remind myself to do NOTHING, just breathe. Get through the moment. It feels as if some moments are a lifetime, but they too pass.

Personally, I detest long flights, water vexes me, have no use for repressive heat OR so I believed until I chose Asia for my destination de jour. After catching a great break on Qatar Airlines I was off for almost three months to see the undiscovered...I traveled all over parts of SE Asia and Australia.

First and foremost, I do NOT like to fly. Mainly because I feel it is a waste of time. I mean I'm just in the air. I can't control anything on a plane. I can't even backseat drive and tell the pilot to "watch out" I feel powerless.  However, Qatar made me forget all about that:

Second, I was terrified of water; now thanks to a lovely Aussie I am over that fear. I made a new friend in Thailand who was a behavioral specialist as well as former lifeguard. In the beginning, I didn't want to even get in the water, by the end I could doggie paddle.


Last but not least, I HATE the heat. I don't like being hot and I believe that air conditioning is the best invention EVER. PERIOD. THE END. So to exist in 100 degree heat and even (GASP) exercise.


One night in Thailand I was feeling VERY alone and homesick. And I thought of the movie Finding Nemo. Especially the part where Dory told Marlin that when you don't know what to do you "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. swimming. swimming" and that's what I do.

I know how I want the game to end, I just don't know the path yet. And that's Ok.

NLDR- The #Shade and #Struggle is REAL- 7 day play by play

In effort to NOT bore you with a daily post of my time at the detox, I write down my daily thoughts, experiences, issues etc. and post as one big blog at the end of the 7 day stretch. You're welcome.

I am keeping it 100 with you the entire time. Some stuff you will laugh, some you may think "this chick is crazy" and the rest will more than likely be "OH HELL NAW" but this is my experience during my first two weeks, and let me tell you...

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A Coloring Contest...#LOLAThailand

Do you love to ‪#‎color‬? Do your ‪#‎kids‬ ‪#‎love‬ to color? Does anyone you know love to color? If so have I got a fun new contest for you from Ladies On the Lam.

‪#‎Lexie‬ is off on an ‪#‎Asian‬ adventure and of course she has to dress the part, however she has the look but not certain which colors would work best.
This is where you come in...just print off the PDF, color using your imagination and the top 5 winners will receive treats from ‪#‎Thailand‬ specific to this country only like one of these GORGEOUS soaps:

One of the prizes in the coloring contest and more.

One of the prizes in the coloring contest and more.

What are you waiting for...get to coloring. Contest ends April 15, 2016. Don't forget to use the hashtag ‪#‎LOLAThailand‬ on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so I can find your entries.
Good Luck,
K & L
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Color Me for Cool Prizes then post me on FB, Instagram or Twitter using the Hashtag #LOLAThailand

Color Me for Cool Prizes then post me on FB, Instagram or Twitter using the Hashtag #LOLAThailand