Pack it right, Pack it tight

I love going on trips, but I hate packing for them and then unpacking and repacking for the next l leg etc. Honestly packing is my biggest nightmare, and now paying for my additional luggage is an even bigger nightmare.

In effort to save my sanity I invested in a good, solid piece of luggage. I have the TUMI "ARRIVE" and I love it.

Black, sleek, elegant and more. Tumi has an excellent return policy: the first year NO MATTER WHO IS AT FAULT: you, God, or the dreaded TSA...they will replace the bag.EASY PEASY. Then for 4 years after that they will replace or repair. Seriously, that is some awesome customer service.

Now, I have the bag but my clothes are always a disorganized mess. eBags to the rescue. Seriously, where have you been all my life. I love you so much. Check it, they come in a variety of colors, sizes and they can hold so MUCH stuff. I'd suggest if it's just you, pack all under garments in one, workout clothes in another. Do you have a large family? Assign everyone a color and then share suitcases, when you get to location pull out your colored bag. LOVE THESE: