It’s a Ryokan Life

A couple of years ago I went to Tokyo for the first time. While I was there I met a guy who was awesome and we dated while I was there, and when he'd come to NYC. The thing with dating across the ocean is you get lonely. One day I asked him to send me a pic. He did. The difference is in this pic he looked totally relaxed and very Japanese formal yet informal. Like some sort of Japanese Tea service.  He explained to me he was staying the night in a ryokan...a ryo..what?

A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn which stems from the 8th century. They are hard to find in a big city like Tokyo as many of the Japanese have taken to western culture and hotels, however in the smaller towns you can find them, but be prepared they are EXPENSIVE.

As a treat my friend surprised me with a two-day trip to Kyoto as well as a Ryokan. It was so charming, seeing old world Japan.

A Ryokan: The Traditional Japanese Setting

My apologies as I was so excited I did not get pics of the bathroom, and because of other clients no pics of the Japanese baths, but it was glorious.

Definitely an experience but for the price and sleeping on a floor...well I prefer the St.Regis.

My Birthday Adventure..starts now...Malaysia is an amazing birthday (so far) as it is only just beginning. I woke up at the lovely Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. I expected the executive club but the treat was the upgrade to a lovely suite. (Don't forget that if you can't see all the pics then just click. )

My birthday began at the crack of early 5:30 AM to be exact. Time to get up and head off to my birthday adventure. Those who know me...know I am TERRIFIED of heights, and since my dad died I have tried to live my life in love and not fear, and embrace all that scares me. So, I decidedfor this MAJOR tackle heights and away I went:

The company is called My Balloon Adventure and is family owned and operated and have been around for ages. They were super professional and so kind. As you can see in the first pics I was terrified but by the end I was having the time of my life. My pilot was named Agatha (no that isn't it) but I can't remember as I was only introduced once in the beginning and to be honest I was scared out of my wits but she is an amazing pilot and so kind. We talked about travel, live and family. It was not an ordinary tour as I felt I was with a good friend, who also made sure all my needs were met. 

After soaring great heights we had the easiest landing I could have imagined, followed with a champagne/sparkling cider toast:

Celebrating a safe and easy landing

Celebrating a safe and easy landing

and to top it all off...I got a certificate of flying and by golly gee I earned it:-)

Me and my Captain oh Captain...I love it when women are in charge, Who runs the world? #GIRLS

Me and my Captain oh Captain...I love it when women are in charge, Who runs the world? #GIRLS

After the flight we had a nice breakfast then back to the hotel where the staff and mywas waiting with even more goodies. It was an absolute dream.