Tieks Review....

Ok, at first I was like "ok Oprah, what is all the hype about? Over 200$ for a pair of ballet flats? Are you F-ing kidding me?"

Welp...she was not, and these flats are NOT A GAME, but a game CHANGER.

I bought these in late December for my Asia trip that was scheduled for end of Jan until early April. (and they come with a personalized note)

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

I was tired of packing 4-5 pairs of shoes in addition to clothes. I needed a shoe that could easily transition from afternoon to evening. Granted I was sad to give up a pair of heels but glad to have the additional room in my carry-on case.

I try out EVERYTHING on my blog and IG posts before I post good (or bad) because if I'm not willing to try them out then I am not willing to invest my own money into a product.

I was a little leary about trying out Tieks. Everything is done online, so trying on shoes is a no- go. At times this alone is a deal breaker, but if Mama O says to go for it, who am I to say no. I took the risk and shelled out the cash for a pair of Obsidian Black, payed the rush fee, because of course I waited until last minute. (ie two days before my trip) BUT am I glad I did. For two months in Asia I packed one pair of flip flops, one pair of sneakers/trainers, and this pair of Tieks. And believe I walked EVERYWHERE from Bat Caves in Kuala Lampur to the massive steps of Big Buddha in Thailand. These shoes are EVERYTHING, however at the price tag...while I would really love a pair (hint hint @Tieks) the cost is a bit steep for an avid traveler on a limited budget. If I only had a coupon...BIG HINT.

All in all...LOVE THE SHOES