Welcome to the Jungle...Golden Dreams Safari (review) -Tanzania, Africa

Africa is a massive continent. Its’ actually the world’s second largest continent by both land area and population. It’s like huge…so when my friend mentioned a safari in Africa…I was like nah hard pass.

Let me be clear I am city girl through and through so I was NOT on board. I mean I did not want to spend my vacation sitting in a car looking at animals. I could go to the zoo. And sleep outside in a camp? Tented lodge?!?

Then she mentioned Zanzibar (and I did some googling) and soon I was on board.

It was the best experience of my life. One that I would easily do again. The whole experience was top notch. Victor (our guide and owner of GOLDEN DREAMS SAFARI) has been eating all the carrots as his eyes are amazing. He could see movement from what felt like hundreds of meters away. The call him Big Five and with him we saw the Big 5!
The Jeep was comfy and great for taking pics. The packed lunches were ok but camp sites were great, comfy, running water and a bathroom and very glam...we weren’t camping we were glamping and it was glorious.
Love love loved our time with Golden Dream Safaris and the owner/operator Victor.

This was a private tour which cost us less if we would have booked with a group. An amazing experience and my advice to anyone looking to book a safari, read reviews, check out different sites and always try and deal directly with the locals.

remember this is a slide show and sometimes needs to be toggled to get to the next pic.

On My Own ....Around the World Solo

Many, often ask/say: you are so brave to travel by yourself? How do you make friends? Do you feel safe? etc and I laugh and say "of course". But real talk: I am terrified AF! It can be intimidating but, also be exhilarating.

The main thing I have learned is to avoid "couple" event type tours or something that puts you in groups of couples or twos because everyone always had someone except for me and a random guy from Korea. (real talk and shout out to my Indian Street Food Tour). That ish was good...

Cooking classes/tours are a great thing to do when traveling solo...everyone bonds over food.


Ummmm....yummy Indian Street Food....but I digress

Ummmm....yummy Indian Street Food....but I digress

Sometimes, I believe that pics are better than words and the street food in Delhi was on point so if you ever are there, make certain to give it a shot. Also, food tours and cooking classes are GREAT classes to take when traveling solo as you learn a skill, and you don't feel so much like a third wheel. I find any type of tour that is active can be a great deal of fun when traveling alone. Or even painting or crafts like when I painted a scarf in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia:

I DID THIS ...#artist

I DID THIS ...#artist

I'vefound that drinking can be done alone and you can make friends, from bars, wine tours, ghost tours, walking tours, or even a random swinging adventure.

Just swinging....

Just swinging....



The thing is to get out and do and see as much as you can.

It's your vacation, your time, live your best life.



Swinging in the Jungle..and I didn't Die

Sometimes you have to just do something because "it looks like fun" and is just a wee bit dangerous, but not really. I mean you could die if you fell, so just hang on is my motto.

I read about "Bali Swing" by the guys at Wheel Bali last night and decided I HAD to check out this place before I left. It fed the inner child in me as well as the adult daredevil. It was the perfect mix of innocence and adventure. And it's relatively new as it is less than 3 months old.

I could write about it all day but the video will sum it up better than my words...it was AMAZEBALLS:

This was amazing and per usual I made new friends. I call these two my "Sisters in Swing"

Sisters in Swing...#ladiesonthelam

Sisters in Swing...#ladiesonthelam