Moody Monday Blues aka OMG GUYS THIS LIPSTICK!!!!

Mondays are hard. Mondays coming back home on an amazing getaway even harder. The hardest is being so jet-lagged that you find yourself writing the post a week after the event but hey it’s a Monday so it’s a win.

One of the perks of travel is seeing all the cool trends around the world, sometimes even before New York…gasp! The weirdest…sometimes it’s at the airport. The Hamad International Airport has EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING a girl could want that she never knew she wanted.

Last Monday, it was lipstick.

One of the coolest perks with traveling all the time is sometimes I catch the hottest trends before they hit the states.

I walked towards my gate. I saw her. At first, I looked and thought “no” and looked away. But I just couldn’t leave, she called me back. “It’s blue” , “you are over 40” and then “it’s blue” again in my head. But not that Monday, Satan..NOT THAT DAY:

That time I spied with my big brown eyes Guerlain and the number 333; and THAT hue of Blue IS magnificent.

This lipstick applies in the most splendid fashion, smooth, creamy and crease free. The color? It absolutely POPS no matter your skin tone. Granted, the luxurious feel comes with a price tag of around $55 USD for the lipstick and case.

However, blue has a special place in my heart and it reminds me of my daddy. So Daddy this Blue’s for you.

(ps: the last pic is a hint about the next blog post. Are you thinking an entry about Qatar’s Q-Suite? Get out of my head. (wink, wink)

IMG_3153 2.JPG

You Can Always Go Home Again...Amsterdam

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, from parts of SE Asia to Japan to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has my heart unlike no other. It was one of the first (of two) places I ever visited outside the United States. The other was Paris. I called the trip the "Kittykat Olympics". It only made perfect sense as the trip included the iconic shopping mecca that is Paris, as well as the ahem, 'recreational" activities of Amsterdam. Seriously, if shopping or smoking EVER became an Olympic event...I'm READY. No need for training. SEND ME IN COACH!!!! (especially if it's the shopping)

Amsterdam is a city no matter when you go you can always find something new or interesting. This trip was a last minute, "let's go see some friends for a couple of days" and that's exactly what I did. I strolled the canals with Lexie, we shopped, drank a lot and ate a little:

And the highlight of this little excursion was the pleasant surprise of the "My Name Is Prince" exhibit. More details and pics on my next post.

Remember...there's no place like home,


Dorthy aka Kit n Lexie