LOLA-Travel Bargain of the Week aka Dear Humidifier- I love you. xo

I am a shopper, meaning I like to buy stuff…fun stuff, practical stuff, ordinary stuff, and some pretty neat stuff, however today’s stuff is much needed during these wintry months. Today I found a small, QUIET cool mist humidifier that actually DOES everything it claims to do Check it out here:

This can be found here. However be leary of the bad reviews as I can say I haven’t had these issues, and I believe some may be due to operator error. And don’t forget to use your 20%off coupon. You can find them anywhere but just in case, click here.

This little baby is perfect for stuffy hotel rooms and runs on plain ol 20oz water bottles for up to 8 hours. How awesome is that!

It's's time!!! Let's go see the world! But, before you go...

Every time before I leave I feel nothing, except maybe angst. Did I pay my student loan? Forward my mail? Call the banks? Etc. At times I actually forget this is actually FUN. 

While I am not a fan of checking a bag for me it has become a necessity when my trip is over a month and covers various climates. Most of the time I am team carry on only. 

Also comfortable yet casual is what I find helps me get through my travel, and layers. Lots and lots of layers:  



This look is easy, chic and fun. Basic Michael Kors black pant, H&M tank top, Jones of NY black sweater, Calvin Klein light jacket, purplish blue shimmer scarf (great for covering arms and head when going into temples) picked up in Thailand for 390 Baht (about 11$ usd) and my new Obsidian black Tieks.  some simple jewelry and I am ready to fly. And don't you dare forget the compression socks for flights over 5 hours. It's not a "rule" or anything but I've found my travel experience a bit better because of it. 

Just be clean, comfortable and considerate. Leave the graphic tee's, flip flops and nail clippers in your packed suitcase.  

As for me...almost time for wheels up on my next new adventure. I'm going to a place I love as well as three NEW countries. 

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.  

See you somewhere in the world  



Source: http:/

Pack it right, Pack it tight

I love going on trips, but I hate packing for them and then unpacking and repacking for the next l leg etc. Honestly packing is my biggest nightmare, and now paying for my additional luggage is an even bigger nightmare.

In effort to save my sanity I invested in a good, solid piece of luggage. I have the TUMI "ARRIVE" and I love it.

Black, sleek, elegant and more. Tumi has an excellent return policy: the first year NO MATTER WHO IS AT FAULT: you, God, or the dreaded TSA...they will replace the bag.EASY PEASY. Then for 4 years after that they will replace or repair. Seriously, that is some awesome customer service.

Now, I have the bag but my clothes are always a disorganized mess. eBags to the rescue. Seriously, where have you been all my life. I love you so much. Check it, they come in a variety of colors, sizes and they can hold so MUCH stuff. I'd suggest if it's just you, pack all under garments in one, workout clothes in another. Do you have a large family? Assign everyone a color and then share suitcases, when you get to location pull out your colored bag. LOVE THESE:

The Travel Bible

If I haven't mentioned it before...I'm anal (and no not the peepee in boom boom sort of way) in the retentive I need to have everything at my fingertips at a moments notice sort of way. I don't expect everyone to be as organized as I am...far from it, but I have a few suggestions to assist in making your journey a bit less stressful.


Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Get a folder or a notebook. Unless you are super computer literate then set up a "trip confirmation" (or name it something that is actually cool) folder and stick it on your smartphone, or the tried and true...get an empty notebook to hold all your confirmations, add folders and put them in order (ie flights/travel, hotels, copies of passports,visas etc), a holder for receipts, biz cards, pens/pencils, coloring book. You name it, it's at my finger tips .

Just do it. Thank me later. (ps- I do both..mainly so my assistant can have a file of my locations, so it may come in handy). Granted, mine is currently HUGE but I will also be traveling for the next 2.5 months. Now check out Lexie's. That trip was 8 days (small floppy folder):

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Good luck and safe travels