Ladies On the Lam is now a LLC...I Own a Company Y'all!

When I originally launched LOLA I always wanted to make her a company but cost and time were major factors. Actually,they still are however over the next several months we have many great new adventures coming up and becoming a company was the best way to go. Main reasons: financial. I have been using my money and moving money around like a slick day trader for years trying to keep LOLA afloat but the time has come for my little LOLA to stand on her own two feet.

It's so overwhelming at times but with baby steps, it's becoming a reality.

Actually, it already has:-)

It's Official cause the IRS says so...

It's Official cause the IRS says so...

Museum of Bags and Purses Amsterdam aka Where it all began

I officially launch LOLA January 1, 2016. Now, here we are almost two years later and growing and evolving. What started out as a small tour in Amsterdam has morphed into a website, IG pages for both LOLA and the face of the company Lexie, and so much more. 

2018 will be chalked full of adventure as I am working on my first fitness/wellness retreat that will include yoga, Muay Thai, meditation, hiking and more in the lovely location of Koh Samui, Thailand.  

Also, I'm planning the adventure of a lifetime and would love to get a group together for some or most of the trip: Africa 2018

Gonna hike Kilimanjaro, go on a Safari, then on to the lands of my ancestors Mali, Benin, and Togo for a couple of weeks. This trip will be 4-6 weeks. If any interest or you want to know more you can always reach out to me via email:

So excited for the things to come but here is a reminder of where I started:  

We started at the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje and now we are here. Located in Amsterdam, NL, is a museum devoted to historic handbags, purses and suitcases. The museum's collection includes 4,000 items dating back to the 16th century. One of only three museums across the globe specializing in the field, and its collection is the world's largest.

2017 keeps on whizzing by and we all know I am not one to let moss settle on my feet. Stay tuned or better yet contact me and JOIN me on my next adventure.  I mean we are Ladies on the Lam.

Tieks Review....

Ok, at first I was like "ok Oprah, what is all the hype about? Over 200$ for a pair of ballet flats? Are you F-ing kidding me?"

Welp...she was not, and these flats are NOT A GAME, but a game CHANGER.

I bought these in late December for my Asia trip that was scheduled for end of Jan until early April. (and they come with a personalized note)

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

These offer enough support?!?!.....YEAHTHEY DO!

I was tired of packing 4-5 pairs of shoes in addition to clothes. I needed a shoe that could easily transition from afternoon to evening. Granted I was sad to give up a pair of heels but glad to have the additional room in my carry-on case.

I try out EVERYTHING on my blog and IG posts before I post good (or bad) because if I'm not willing to try them out then I am not willing to invest my own money into a product.

I was a little leary about trying out Tieks. Everything is done online, so trying on shoes is a no- go. At times this alone is a deal breaker, but if Mama O says to go for it, who am I to say no. I took the risk and shelled out the cash for a pair of Obsidian Black, payed the rush fee, because of course I waited until last minute. (ie two days before my trip) BUT am I glad I did. For two months in Asia I packed one pair of flip flops, one pair of sneakers/trainers, and this pair of Tieks. And believe I walked EVERYWHERE from Bat Caves in Kuala Lampur to the massive steps of Big Buddha in Thailand. These shoes are EVERYTHING, however at the price tag...while I would really love a pair (hint hint @Tieks) the cost is a bit steep for an avid traveler on a limited budget. If I only had a coupon...BIG HINT.

All in all...LOVE THE SHOES

More Excited Today Than First time...I CAN WRITE MY NAME

I can't really recall the first time I learned to write my name. I'm sure there were high fives, and all the accolades a 3 or 4 year old could handle. However the memories are not mine, just the faint ones of bystanders who are no longer of this earth so I can't even get a play by play.

Yup, if I wanted to know the feeling or perhaps obtain it once more, well it's up to me. Traveling is my time to be brave. To try the things I've always wanted to but a bit apprehensive to do so. A time to pull a NIKE and 'Just Do It"...and that's exactly what I did.

I love travel. I used to like it because it gave me the opportunity to find the perfect gift for just about everyone under the sun. It also increased my baggage fees. This trip I've decided to spend my money on learning and adventures. This way I could use my knowledge and make handmade authentic gifts.

Japan's class of choice was a calligraphy class...where I learned how to write the symbol for "Spring" and "Sakura" (Cherry Blossom) as it was that time of year. I don't believe I could have picked a more beautiful time to be in Tokyo if I had tried. The blossoms were in full bloom last week, the weather was PERFECT on all the days I had planned outdoor activities, and the food was delicious. Best week ever. Besides the two symbols I also learned how to write my name. Believe me, I have never been so giddy with delight when my instructor...stood over me and said "good job. Good FIRST try" was then where I started to feel the heat of the Japanese. Trying would only get me so far. I would have to DO.

I googled and googled until I found the website Veltra, I did not have a problem with their services however after my dealings with services like these I always recommend to save money book with company direct. This tour is ran by True Japan Tour. My instructor for my private was a strong and silent type: Mr Hideki Shimizu who was everything I would expect from my instructor: patient, kind, judgemental and pushed me because he KNEW I could do it. He was perfect. He and his assistant(Ms. Yuri ) taught me how to grate and grind my own ink, as well as how to use already prepared ink, the size and width of my brushes, the grade of papers etc.

I did not take many pictures as the setup reminded me of a class/learning experience nor did I feel as if it would be appropriate. The class was an hour in it's entirety. The beginning was history of calligraphy both Japanese and Chinese as the symbols we used came from the Kanji. And a brief overview of the history of the calligraphy, then about 30 min writing my name, and the symbols in both Japanese and Chinese, and then I was given a piece of hard cardboard with gold trim...and I made my masterpiece:

My full name along side the symbol for spring (top) and Sakura/Cherry Blossom (bottom)

My full name along side the symbol for spring (top) and Sakura/Cherry Blossom (bottom)

It's's time!!! Let's go see the world! But, before you go...

Every time before I leave I feel nothing, except maybe angst. Did I pay my student loan? Forward my mail? Call the banks? Etc. At times I actually forget this is actually FUN. 

While I am not a fan of checking a bag for me it has become a necessity when my trip is over a month and covers various climates. Most of the time I am team carry on only. 

Also comfortable yet casual is what I find helps me get through my travel, and layers. Lots and lots of layers:  



This look is easy, chic and fun. Basic Michael Kors black pant, H&M tank top, Jones of NY black sweater, Calvin Klein light jacket, purplish blue shimmer scarf (great for covering arms and head when going into temples) picked up in Thailand for 390 Baht (about 11$ usd) and my new Obsidian black Tieks.  some simple jewelry and I am ready to fly. And don't you dare forget the compression socks for flights over 5 hours. It's not a "rule" or anything but I've found my travel experience a bit better because of it. 

Just be clean, comfortable and considerate. Leave the graphic tee's, flip flops and nail clippers in your packed suitcase.  

As for me...almost time for wheels up on my next new adventure. I'm going to a place I love as well as three NEW countries. 

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.  

See you somewhere in the world  



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LOLA...2017 is coming and it's gonna be EPIC

Well 2016...was one heck of a great year, mixed with some sorrow. However 2017 promises to be epic as I have a HUGE stateside adventure planned...that will include my sissy, and two uncles. I don't know how this will work, so I'm thinking a lot of booze and prayer.

However, I can't just say goodbye to 2016 without remembering how much fun I had and how much of the world I need to see...from the coast of Africa to Asia and behind. Enjoy!

Press Play and see 2016 and some of the places we've seen

Pack it right, Pack it tight

I love going on trips, but I hate packing for them and then unpacking and repacking for the next l leg etc. Honestly packing is my biggest nightmare, and now paying for my additional luggage is an even bigger nightmare.

In effort to save my sanity I invested in a good, solid piece of luggage. I have the TUMI "ARRIVE" and I love it.

Black, sleek, elegant and more. Tumi has an excellent return policy: the first year NO MATTER WHO IS AT FAULT: you, God, or the dreaded TSA...they will replace the bag.EASY PEASY. Then for 4 years after that they will replace or repair. Seriously, that is some awesome customer service.

Now, I have the bag but my clothes are always a disorganized mess. eBags to the rescue. Seriously, where have you been all my life. I love you so much. Check it, they come in a variety of colors, sizes and they can hold so MUCH stuff. I'd suggest if it's just you, pack all under garments in one, workout clothes in another. Do you have a large family? Assign everyone a color and then share suitcases, when you get to location pull out your colored bag. LOVE THESE:

The Travel Bible

If I haven't mentioned it before...I'm anal (and no not the peepee in boom boom sort of way) in the retentive I need to have everything at my fingertips at a moments notice sort of way. I don't expect everyone to be as organized as I am...far from it, but I have a few suggestions to assist in making your journey a bit less stressful.


Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Travel Bible for Asia Adventure ....holds confirmations, biz cards, coloring book, pens/pencils...everything at my fingertips.

Get a folder or a notebook. Unless you are super computer literate then set up a "trip confirmation" (or name it something that is actually cool) folder and stick it on your smartphone, or the tried and true...get an empty notebook to hold all your confirmations, add folders and put them in order (ie flights/travel, hotels, copies of passports,visas etc), a holder for receipts, biz cards, pens/pencils, coloring book. You name it, it's at my finger tips .

Just do it. Thank me later. (ps- I do both..mainly so my assistant can have a file of my locations, so it may come in handy). Granted, mine is currently HUGE but I will also be traveling for the next 2.5 months. Now check out Lexie's. That trip was 8 days (small floppy folder):

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Lexie Getting her organization on.

Good luck and safe travels