LOLA-Travel Bargain of the Week aka Dear Humidifier- I love you. xo

I am a shopper, meaning I like to buy stuff…fun stuff, practical stuff, ordinary stuff, and some pretty neat stuff, however today’s stuff is much needed during these wintry months. Today I found a small, QUIET cool mist humidifier that actually DOES everything it claims to do Check it out here:

This can be found here. However be leary of the bad reviews as I can say I haven’t had these issues, and I believe some may be due to operator error. And don’t forget to use your 20%off coupon. You can find them anywhere but just in case, click here.

This little baby is perfect for stuffy hotel rooms and runs on plain ol 20oz water bottles for up to 8 hours. How awesome is that!

Facing My Biggest FEAR aka How I Learned to Swim in my 40's

Water to me has always been a siren's song to me. It calls me, beckons me and for years I would evade it. I loved water as long as it wasn't on my face or near any part of my body that I used for breathing. I would scream whenever I had to get my hair washed or if was caught out in a rainstorm. I always felt it was trying to drown me.

It started one year at summer camp. I had an ambitious swim coach who swore up and down, every which way until Sunday that she could teach me and anyone else in the world to swim. Somehow my parents believed this cocky little girl as she was probably 20 at best. Yeah...

I won't even bother to go into the details except to say I almost drowned and took out another little girl at the same time. I was seven. That day I decided swimming is not for me. My sister almost drowned a few years later. My mom didn't swim and oddly enough she drowned in the bathtub at 50. Needless to say, we are not water folks.

I tried again though at 16, then 21, 30, and the magical year of 33. I thought if Jesus can die for our sins and save the world at 33 I could learn how to swim, and well, just be thankful your soul was not at stake on my swimming prowess. Now here I am in my 40's and #livingmybestlife

I was given a couple of near-death experiences over the last few years that I now have a "fuck it" mentality. When it's my time, it's my time...period the end. Some think it makes me reckless, I believe it makes me fearless. Don't get me twisted I'm not jumping off cliffs or anything.

I am trying things I believed were damn near impossible for me. And what I've learned is all things are possible. In four weeks...I did what so many had tried to teach me to do. I SWAM ON MY OWN, without floaties, without anyone in the pool to hold my hand. I did it. WHY? What changed?

When I first arrived in Koh Samui, I went to a Detox camp. The instructor was very motivational and convincing. She along with my best friend and a host of others talked me into going in the ocean. To calm my fears they gave me a floatation device which I refused to hold on to. I insisted that I wear it instead. Then they all told me I would be safe they were strong swimmers...blah blah blah...they are all looking and talking to me with their back towards the ocean. I am looking past them at the biggest wave that was about to take us all under. If I hadn't insisted on wearing that floatation device I honestly believe I would not be writing this as I would be dead. It was in that moment I knew, if I ever wanted to truly survive I could not depend on others. I was going to swim!

I reached out the Aqua Instructor, Marco. We worked every other day 3x a week. Every week was a battle but now four weeks later...I'm a swimmer baby. Aint no stopping me now.

Many lessons, I wanted to cancel but I decided NOT THIS TIME. Many times I cried while in my lesson and at home in private but I KEPT GOING BACK. I PERSISTED and I SUCCEEDED. This has empowered me in more ways than I can count. Not only did I learn how to swim, I learned how to LIVE.

Until next time....



just keep swimming ...just keep swimming...just keep swimming swimming swimming swimming



Sometimes Piggy (or Froggy) gotta EAT and Eat and Eat

Today in Koh Samui some ladies on the lam knew that some real clean, organic food was needed. And it was absolute Heaven.  

The last two days I have gone to Vikasa Cafe which is apart of the yoga sala and yogis at Vikasa. The staff is lovely and Susu is amazing with children. Today’s chef was one of the “hot chefs” Chef Cyril. Abd seriously all of the chefs are gorgeous. It’s almost like a requirement.  

But enough about the eye candy let's see the real MVP...the food. (ps the drinks aren't bad...I had the Sin Gin which was gin mixed with kale juice and pineapple...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR delicious) and The Last Straw (fresh strawberries, vodka, soda and just plain yum!)

I love Samui as it one of the healthiest places I have ever been to in this word. The medical facilities are beyond amazing, the food healthy, beautiful and mouth-watering, and the exercise/training programs rivals those in NYC, London, LA etc.

Seriously the food is delicious but the experience is life-altering. Yeah I said THAT!

To Detox or Not To Detox is NOT the Question for Me

Over the last two years, I have tried various things in effort to improve my health. My two biggest mistakes have been choosing anything with the words "detox" in them because in all honesty they just don't work. Well let me rephrase this..they don't work for me. Not the energy or the results. Sure I look great for a few weeks but when you go back to life you realize you can not survive on less than 800 calories a day, and just juice. Whole foods/clean eating yes...but to live the rest of ones life on just juice is not feasible for me and about 96% of the free world.

Currently, I am in Thailand where the first part of my trip was spent with my best friend and some LOLA ladies. It was a great time for me and my friend, and I had a blast with my new friends. I did not have a blast at the detox camp. Mainly it was the energy of the place. I was unhappy with a few things and like an adult, I went to the management and believed we had a direct and upfront conversation. I had no issues with him after or so I thought. Then a few days later he calls me and my attitude negative. I was anything but, as I thought we had a conversation, but his words stuck with me. If he thought that was negative and this judgment was made off one conversation then what else was he holding back. That creates distrust. Then he would tell me what his staff said (all opposite of what they were saying to me. Granted, I could easily have told him the truth but in the end WHY? I didn't come here for drama but to get my health and my life on track. So I left...early...way early.

Why? There was Muay Thai camp down the street. I've stayed here before, never had an issue, always had fun and everytimeI left the healthy choices I made there STUCK. The people in general are happier here. The minute I moved my first bag onto campus a guest greated me with a huge smile. I was singing. I was at peace, even though my neighbors are half my age, love their music and hanging out outside during the day..come time to train or go to bed and they are right on time. It is amazing how my energy has changed for the best. I added more calories to my food plan and lost over 5 pounds (2.2kg) the week after I left. They even have working wifi and comfortable beds. Something the owner of the detox place tried to tell me wasn't really available in the area we were in. Granted, he did TRY to fix my bedding as well as the internet, but it was more than was the overall feeling. I never felt like they ever actually CARED. It's money. They would take group walks and leave guests on their own. I just don't approve of this one woman was in remission from cancer. What if she had an episode? So I would slow down my own exercise progress to watch someone else. THAT was NOT what I signed up for...but that was the way it was.

At the end of the day, detox no matter where I go just doesn't seem to work. Not physically nor mentally. And that's ok. It's also OK if it works for you. Different strokes for different folks.

However, this lead me to work on something I have toyed with for about a year. At my highest RECORDED weight, I was 343 pounds (156kg) and currently 197 (89kg) making a grand total loss of (67kg) 146 pounds. When I started this time (June 25, 2014) I was scale shy, I'd estimate that I've lost 104pds of those over the last three years. I lost weight with diet and exercise. Starting with Muay Thai and yoga, and running. I found what worked for me and did it in beautiful surroundings. I have a way to go as I still would love to lose another 37 pounds, but if it's 25...I'm ok with that too. I also want to help other women do the same and live their best life.

Currently I am working with a CERTIFIED Yoga/Exercise trainer, and we have decided to launch a retreat in Thailand Jan 2019. OUrs will be different as while we focus on healthy eating, there will be FOOD, as well as yoga, meditation, Muay Thai and tons of time for the beach. And we will host at a FIVE STAR Resort...this will not be a little cabin, with hard beds, and gecko like lizards in your room like many places in Thailand. I'm trying to work out a deal with a place on the beach, and all rooms have a private swimming pool. The property also has two huge main pools, a gym and more. I'm thinking the week Jan 13-20 or 23rd depending on cost. As a LOLA woman I know that health and LUXURY is key...and what a LOLA woman wants...A LOLA woman GETS!

I'll post more when details are clear as well as pics of location. Or if you really can't wait shoot me an email: and I'll add you to the Thailand LOLA Retreat 2019 Mailing list.

Ciao for now


Fighting For My Life

I debated on writing this post as I always want to keep my blog travel related, but as I evolve this blog does as well. And since it's in Thailand...well it counts.

Boot camps, fat camps, medical tourism etc is a lucrative business. And why not, everyone wants to look/feel better, some by any means necessary.

While I am not an advocate of crash diets, I do love some intense exercise...not extreme but INTENSE. Which is how I found myself back in Samui for the 4th time in less than a year.

A little over 2.5 years ago, my doctors informed me that I was sick. Sicker than what I ever imagined. It was life threatening. The treatment they recommended made me even sicker. Luckily I was only working a couple days a week and could hide it. However I began doing research. With the assistance of some amazing doctors abroad, a couple of monks (not kidding), faith and prayer I am glad to report the initial prognosis is no longer. Granted, I still have a ton of cysts and tumors inside my body, as long as they do not attach themselves to organs I will be ok. However I am a bigger woman so it can be hard to see until it's too late. Which is why I currently am fighting for my life. I am trying to get down to a weight where the tumors/cystsare easier to see and hopefully at some point remove as I don't want them to burst either.

I say "fighting for my life" because there isn't a lot of exercise I like besides an occasional boot camp or dance class. Then I found Lamai Muay Thai. This place has changed my life. Granted, it is hard and at times I feel like a big fat nothing who has no power, but then I remember my first day and fast forward to today and see how far I have come. I realize I am strong, I am capable and I can beat this. I'm a fighter dammit.




LOLA...2017 is coming and it's gonna be EPIC

Well 2016...was one heck of a great year, mixed with some sorrow. However 2017 promises to be epic as I have a HUGE stateside adventure planned...that will include my sissy, and two uncles. I don't know how this will work, so I'm thinking a lot of booze and prayer.

However, I can't just say goodbye to 2016 without remembering how much fun I had and how much of the world I need to see...from the coast of Africa to Asia and behind. Enjoy!

Press Play and see 2016 and some of the places we've seen

Time to Get Real: My Experience Being a Black American Abroad and At Home

For the last few years I have been able to travel the world with basically NO issues whatsoever...what makes me sad is times are a changing. I only hope I am ready for the mental energy that seems to be zapped from me on a daily basis.

I now live in world where hate is not only tolerated but embraced as "Trump America Now" where Muslims are being profiled, women are losing their rights over their productive system with no real discourse for the MEN, who more often than not leave the women. They don't have the shame or stigma of an abortion. I guess only the female part is needed to conceive?  I'm perceived a "bad" person due to the color of my skin, so whenever I left the states I always had a wave of relief come over me because in most countries the president of the United States (Barack Obama at the time) was a highly revered man. People who couldn't speak English knew the words "Obama" or "Barack Obama" and would just give me a smile as to say "hello and welcome".

Under the Trump regime which has been less than 2 weeks. I get the usual questions "Why do you stay" "Is he really that bad" or my favorite "we didn't think the US would be as stupid as the Brexit" (no offense just citing what I've actually had said to me) Now with a Muslim ban it makes America come across as racist and elitist. Therefore, no one has blamed me abroad as they see by the color of my skin I am one of the persecuted people. However then someone usually asked me the dreaded "what are you question" and I reply "American"..then it's the "I know but what are your roots? Where did you come from?" THIS question breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE I am a black/negro/colored/nigger American...a descendant of slaves on one side and a freedman on the other but since most (and my people) were brought over as slaves the slaveowners (the white men) destroyed ANY AND ALL paper trails of my people. So much so we will NEVER find out exactly where we are from. Granted with AncestryDNA and AncestryandMe123 I have a general guide of what more than likely is my home area....but the region I'm given is so extreme that is will cost me literally thousands of dollars as well as numerous hours. Where most people can just go ask their grandparents. Is it fair? Is it right? Is it just? just is.

There is so much more to say, and even more to write but I just can't because the overwhelming weight of it all. The daily fear of death or retribution for speaking my mind, for daring to want equality, to have the audacity to ask for the same amount of pay as my white co-workers. I literally found out that another female in my department at one of my jobs (who is no longer at the company) had less experience than me but was making $10 more an hour so 80-100$ more per day. That made me angry and sad..because I have to be happy with what I'm given or I just might not get that. This is my reality.

At least in Europe (especially the UK, Barcelona, Amsterdam) as well in the bigger cities I was treated with respect. Something that was so foreign to me that at first I didn't even know what to call it , except I knew folks were nicer to me there than in my own country.

I really didn't want to ever bring politics to LOLA but in these days and times it is a part of my life, A HUGE part as is LOLA. So in the end ...It just will be this way, because this is my "normal"

Time to Go...

The hate in America seems almost insurmountable at times, and I am scared. So much so that I am taking actions to make my second home, my new home :Amsterdam. I have so many thoughts, and fears. I have always been an artist, a will I truly make money? Will I actually be able to make it happen? Can I and WILL I be approved for a visa? An Immigration lawyer is expensive but to make it legal I will do what needs to be done.

Currently I am abroad but dread returning home because even in NYC the hate is so tangible you can taste it in your throat, squeezing the life from me at every moment. I will miss the states but as I've said Europe I have been alone AND sad but never EVER scared. I just don't have it in me to fight anymore. I just want to be free. Many have said I should stay and fight. Fight for my place in the world, in my country but I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT...I want peace. However the only way for me to have peace at this point is to shut up and accept the hate, and even then that doesn't guarantee me peace, or even a life. They (Police in particular) have shot and killed more black women and men in the last year and I only anticipate the numbers to rise. And why should they stop...they know and HAVE gotten away with it many times over. Granted not all police are bad, but...

Please God let this Visa process become a bit easier. And give me the six months I need to get my house, money and affairs in order because Lord is TIME TO GO!

My fitbit and me...and miscellaneous musings

I've become a fitbit nut ever since I learned all I have to do is the math and can figure out how much weight I've lost. I decided that while I am having my weight checked on a weekly basis I do NOT want to know what the scales say. I will find out at the very end and I can happily wait for it. The last two days were pretty brutal. I think I will post a schedule of the last two days on my next entry. I'm just dog tired and ready for bed. I try to stay up until 10pm. I usually get up around 515...go to the gym to foam roll and stretch for 15 min before we leave for the hike.

This week I was finally bumped up to the next advanced group. While I am not a pro by any means I just was beginning to feel a bit stilted. I would rather be in the middle or last of a faster group than being far ahead in the slower one. I feel like it makes others feel bad, and I feel horrible as well as I don't think I am getting the workout I desire. Well today was tough. I have one more hike day here at Movara and then on Thursday I am attempting "Stop Sign" one more time as I'm trying to get the full 8.5 miles in. Friday is the 10K and Saturday...I AM GOING HOME. Thank you lil baby Jesus..I am ready to go. See my family and get my life back.

I've been away for almost 5 and 1/2 weeks, between shooting a film and Utah...mama is ready to see her humble abode.

Some of the best highlights have been phone calls and facetime from my friends and family. You never know how much you miss them until they aren't around. I can't wait to go and see my sis, brother and his kids, and my dancing ladies in NYC, as well as LaD and others.

While the food has been hit or miss during the beginning of the week they hit it out of the park with today's meal. It was OBSCENELY good...especially was STEAK.

Here is Sunday's Fine fare:

The breakfast was yummy and filling. Lunch salad was ok. And for dinner I went and had a bit of salad off the salad bar, the chicken without the masala sauce, and ate maybe a 1/3 of the cookie as it wasn't my fave dessert.

Now Monday, they put on their Game Menu and Chef Sam went to town...and that day was a good day....

However today TUESDAY..well Chef Sam showed and SHOWED OUT...the food today was damn near OFF THE CHAIN...(well lunch was...dinner's dessert is just to show you...I didn't eat it)

So that has been the food thus far...exercise is crazy here...I burn between 2500-3500 calories a day between the hikes and the 4-6 classes we take daily. It's a lifestyle I know I won't be able to keep up at home but I do know I can do at least 2 hours per day. One in the am and one in the evening. And once I return I want to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Hopefully by the time I go home I will be less than 50 pounds to goal weight. That sounds like a lot but after you've lost 100...well 50 more seems like child's play, especially since I know get and UNDERSTAND the math behind weight loss.

Oh yeah and I saw a "dead" body today...but that's a story for another time.

Peace out


Everybody's Working for the Weekend..

This post will cover mainly Friday and Saturday as I've gotten crazy busy with this site, life, and working on the next edition of my one-person comedy/cabaret show :This Kitty Has Claws Goes International.

Friday, was a crazy day here at Movara. Morning started with a race. Folks had a choice between the 5K and 10K. I signed up for the 10 as I've run 5K's before and decided it was time to push it up to the next level. Honestly, I was surprised with how slow my time has become since I stopped running over the last few months. I mean I was always slow but at least could maintain a 15 min mile,  yet now my time is almost 20 min which is ridiculous. We do a ton of hiking here but not much running so it makes sense. Once I return to NYC I'm going to start running again a few times per week. I accomplished the 10K and it was full of hills, inclines and the like but done:

Running just me and my tunes...

Running just me and my tunes...

Breakfast was delicious was great all week, lunches were either good or ok, and dinner started to lose some of it's luster compared to the beginning of the week. I ended up passing on many of the desserts as they had a creamy/pudding like texture. I have a thing with texture so I wasn't a fan, although I did try and snap pics so you could see the meals:

Fridays here are a bit bitter sweet as some of the new friends you've made are preparing to the day is filled with lectures of menu planning, Q&A's etc but for those with a few days left we have Hip Hop, Cardio, Swimming, Tabata, Zumba, and the dreaded (by everyone except me) Barre class. I like the end of the week dance classes.

Saturday- you can pick your poison of the morning of pavement hikes: west canyon, Stop Sign, the extended Camelback hike, or a trip to Zion National Park) I chose the dreaded "Stop Sign" which is only 4.3 miles and a van is at the top and will bring you back down unless you want to try and make it back to the bottom, which I have yet to do. But I was the only one who went the furthest. I posted about it on my personal Instagram page. (see HERE) It was a learning experience as only two of us showed up. Now I try NOT to be competitive here, because honestly I don't think it serves me any purpose, especially when people have come here to improve their overall health, BUT there is always someone who wants to test me. And this was a 50+ year old man who was in decent shape for his age and height (6 ft 5) and I am a chubby 5 ft 3 he tells me at the beginning that "he was going to take it easy on me today". Now I wanted to say "I've passed you on EVERY 5K you've done and I was doing a GTFOH" nonetheless I sucked it up and said "I think I'll be OK" and I was...I not only made it up the biggest hill, as the last mile is 1000ft hill all the way up...I was there before he arrived by about 9 or 10 min. So I stopped and did a photo shoot and then started back down the hill. I ran further for a total of 7.17 miles to his 4.3 miles. And you bet your sweet booties I made a comment when the van arrived and picked me up last. I "thanked him for taking it easy on me" and made sure he understood that I knew what he was actually saying, that it was NOT appreciated, and reminded him that I've beat him before and would do it again and again. I may be a bigger woman but I'm fit and I will win. We are all in this together, but if you want to test me and be a d-bag about it, you better be able to bring it.

After the morning run we had quite a long break (about two hours). Many people leave on Saturday and the latter half and Sunday are rest days and personal time for the guests. However before that could happen we had "Cliff's Last Blast Workout"...and what a workout it is...longer than the rest of the week, and the trainer Cliff goes HAM!!!! He worked muscles I didn't even know I had. My body is still screaming after the massage I had, but it was so worth it.

Sunday...which is today...I was not feeling my best self so I've spent most of the day in bed, catching up with phone calls and Facetime, as well as some netflix..and a little working on my show and some new choreography.

So yeah that was my weekend at Movara...looking forward to the next week and finding out how much weight I've lost as well as see my after pictures. To be honest I am not certain if I've lost a lot of weight but I can definitely see definition so I know inches off are in my future.

Until next time



Movara Day 4: I Came to Compete...with MYSELF but ....

If I find you in my way, or trying to compete with me I will rise to the challenge. I may not always win but it won't be because I can't do it (today), it may be I just am not as prepared to do it YET. It is only a matter of time, well unless you are a Michael Phelps, or Simone Biles. I mean come on?!?

I find competition to be very healthy when it makes you push yourself to be the best version of you. I'm the type of person to compete with others in my head. You better believe if we are in a gym on different treadmills but side by side...WE ARE COMPETING. I love people who can work out harder, faster and stronger than I am as it teaches me to work for my personal best. And it's cheaper than paying for a personal trainer.

Today was the Obstacle Course challenge and guys I WENT ALL THE WAY IN...and we won, but more on that later. Here was the daily schedule:

Today was a day: Hike, Emotional Eating, Reformer, Hip hop, Treading, Total Body Tabata, and OBSTACLE COURSE

Today was a day: Hike, Emotional Eating, Reformer, Hip hop, Treading, Total Body Tabata, and OBSTACLE COURSE

The day started with a beautiful hike through Snow Canyon Park in St. George, UT. The hike was hilly and hard. I loved every minute of it:

The bright red rocks of home...St. George, UT

The bright red rocks of home...St. George, UT

After the hike was breakfast. The food today was all in all pretty good. I wasn't too keen on the meal at dinner (stuffed Chicken fajita) but I had a cray afternoon workout and would have eaten my arm, so I believe the chicken was the better option. Today's selection:

Breakfast: standard egg scramble and tortillas, Lunch: A cream and filling Butternut and squash soup, with Braised Beef over Butternut noodles, finished with Dinner: salad from the salad bar (100 calories), stuffed chicken fajita wrapped in turkey bacon, with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

Breakfast: standard egg scramble and tortillas, Lunch: A cream and filling Butternut and squash soup, with Braised Beef over Butternut noodles, finished with Dinner: salad from the salad bar (100 calories), stuffed chicken fajita wrapped in turkey bacon, with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

The morning lecture was emotional eating. To be honest I didn't take a lot from the lecture. Mainly as I have been on my weight loss journey for over a year, and I have a great life couch and personal counselor back home in NYC. I have put together a great team to help me get and STAY on track. I know I am an emotional eater to a degree. I usually eat when I feel helpless or I don't have control of a situation. It's a daily battle, and luckily one for me that I'm currently winning. But that can always change. I took away the following tools from the lecture:

1. When I want to eat...STOP! Identify the emotion I am trying to avoid, acknowledge it and then find a better coping mechanism. (ie go for a walk, call a friend, clean my closet, SOMETHING)

2. Ask myself can I afford it? Is it worth it? Especially as I am getting closer to my goal weight. Every calorie counts and I am more than halfway to my goal. So can I really afford to eat 3 Kitkats and a Reese's...NOPE.

3. Learn ways to emotionally eat better if I am going to do it. (Make substitutions. My go used to be a bag of cracker jacks coming in at 580 calories, now it 3 cups of air popped popcorn 93 calories. A savings of almost 500 calories. THAT is a no brainer.

4. Account for it. If I do the crime I must be prepared to do the time, be it an extra workout or two over the week, or a change in nutrition for the rest of the week until the calorie deficit is met.

5. Ask myself was it worth it? I think that one is pretty self explanatory.

The Exercise today was great. I discovered the REFORMER. I've been dancing for over 20 years and 15 of those professionally, and always thought I knew my body. That reformer class found tightness that I was not even aware I had, and I also found that I am over compensating for my right side from an accident from over 6 years ago. I can't wait until next weeks class and will be looking for a class or two when I return to NYC. I feel like I'm going to find my "6 o'clock" again.  Hip hop was next up and since I love to dance, I live for hip hop. It's the one class where I start to feel like myself once more. After class was lunch...and then a quick nap. I was tired and decide to skip a lecture. Next up...CLASS...this one treading which is basically intervals of high low intensity on cardio machines. Followed by Total Body Tabata and finally an Obstacle Course Challenge. Both teams were strong but our team had an edge. We were super supportive of every member. We ran or walked with each one the entire leg of the course. No one was ever left to think they were on their own. And trust TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!!! I believe that and an unhealthy dose of not wanting to lose made us huste and WIN! We had to run from cone to cone, then take weights from one side of the room to another, hula-hoop, pull a kickboxing bag across the gym, then run outside in the Utah heat...toss sponges at the staff then run back and tag the next one. It was a load of fun. Hoping to get some pics to post on Sunday.

And finally dinner. It was a crazy day. I took a swim and got in the hot tub after and was in bed by 9pm.Just call me granny but I will be a hot granny:-)

Catch y'all tomorrow.



Movara Day 3: I came to SLAY

I have found in life people either really like me, or they don't. My time at Movara has shown me some wonderful, kind and loving people, as well as some "mean girls" the only difference is I just look past them as if they don't exist. A friend had the perfect quote for my situation.

""Arrows of hate, fiery darts, were shot at me many times, but they NEVER touched me because they came from a world with which I have nothing in common" - Einstein

It's perfect because there will always be gossip, and people with opinions but in the end, do they really matter...not as long as you stay on your own path. And that is what I do daily. I put in the work, follow the plan and steer my own course. I did not come here to make friends, so that is a bonus.

This morning started with the usual hike and the hike personal has decided I will move up to a higher level this week. I like my current hiking group but I just need more. I want to push harder and further. And today I stood on the top of the world:

Hot, Sweaty and Hard but I"m HERE...dammit

Hot, Sweaty and Hard but I"m HERE...dammit

It's like I've found beast mode but on some NEXT level ish. I am not a game, nor did I come to Beyonce I came to SLAY. I've been on a weight loss journey for over a year. And while it has been has been steady. I thought this would be an excellent jumpstart to get me to my next level. I have an amazing support system at home (NYC) as well as the staff of trainers at Movara.

The day was intense as far as the hike, but the rest of the day was cake...YES I did have 4 workout classes but a lecture in between so it gave my body a time to breathe:

Hike, Breakfast, Open Gym, Stretch, Lunch, Lasting Change, Kickboxing, Strength Circuit, Aqua Zumba and dinner...phew! And how was YOUR day?

Hike, Breakfast, Open Gym, Stretch, Lunch, Lasting Change, Kickboxing, Strength Circuit, Aqua Zumba and dinner...phew! And how was YOUR day?

And as usual the food was delicious. I don't have a pic of dessert because I HATE marshmallows (don't judge me. You don't know my life) so I didn't have the s'mores but heard they were delicious.

Breakfast: My standard egg scramble with corn tortillas. Lunch Egg drop soup and yummy fish tacos and dinner: salad (not pictured) and stew. YUM

Breakfast: My standard egg scramble with corn tortillas. Lunch Egg drop soup and yummy fish tacos and dinner: salad (not pictured) and stew. YUM

Since I decided to AMP it up this week I am taking a half a dose of Pruvit per helps my body into ketosis but without eliminating carbs. It's natural and my doctor has approved so why not. If you want to know more about this then click here.

Day 3 done...and 10 more until I go back to NYC. Thanks for checking in...and I'll be back tomorrow.



Movara Day 1: THIS is NOT a Game

People come to a health and wellness spa for a variety of take a break from life, to lose weight, to get healthy, to hike, and a myriad of others. I came because I am afraid of heights and I also could lose 50 or 60 pounds. Which isn't that bad considering I have been over 150 lbs heavier off and on thru my adult life, so having only 60 or so to lose is like a blessing.

Today was officially Day 1 and it was a grueling schedule, but I made it:

I got up at 545 am, washed my face brushed my teeth and got dressed. I had to be in the dining hall by 615 where we learned what our assessment hike would be. To be honest I found it a bit basic and somewhat boring. I burned 944 calories but I've burned more than that doing a 10K, so I'm not certain if I will continue unless they become more challenging or I'm moved up a group. I've spoken to management about this we shall see. It was however a beautiful sunrise and the hiking was lovely:

Morning Hike...Monday

Morning Hike...Monday

After a two hour hike it was breakfast time. I snapped a pic of today's menu. I got a pic of all the food except for dinner. I was a piggy and ate it all before I remembered to snap a pic. Actually it wasn't until I was about to blog this post that I remembered that I didn't have a pic. Sorry, but the food was delicious. I like how they have the calorie count as well. It makes me using myfitnesspal MUCH easier:

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

Breakfast: we have a selection of six different meals and lunch was soup and lettuce wraps...Yum

The rest of the day was filled with kickboxing, hip hop class, free gym time, then court challenge filled with mountain climbers, running and burpees, and off to circuit training. By the time 430 came and it was the final class I chose stretch because my body was talking, and it was saying "mama I AM SPENT". I was never so happy for dinner.

After dinner, I hung out with my new friend Paige and her lovely pooch Nico. Who is about as sweet as sweet can be; then I took a dip in the hot tub followed by pool.

WHEW...that was a day, so I took a shower, typed up this blog and plan on being in bed by 9PM, because welp...tomorrow we do it all over again. I am really loving this place, it's like sleepaway camp but for adults.


Movara Fitness and Weightloss Resort I come

Well the time has come for me to check out another idea for my LOLA ladies and well other folks in general. I will try to post daily if I'm not too tired but if you take a look at a sample day. MOVARA is NOT a game. It is a health and fitness resort (and yes sometimes I will refer to it as Fat Camp, but that is MY CHOICE and my words),as this place is much more than that.

As you can see it is a LOT of hard work. Early am hikes for 2-2.5 hours, followed by breakfast, then class or lecture, then lunch followed by more classes. A total of 6-8 hours of exercise per day. WOW!

A day in the life at Movara

A day in the life at Movara

I'm exhausted just looking at the schedule. The check-in was relatively simple. I spoke to the reservationist (Nancy) as well as the owner (Guy) and after talking to them and some of the clients I knew this was the place for me. It offered everything I could possible want in a fitness vacation. Tons of hiking, prepared meals and a workout plan that encompasses dance class a few times per week. Perfection.

The program officially starts tomorrow so I thought I'd share the layout of the campus. When I first arrive all Isee is a fleet of Movara vans. I found out these vans are used in the morning to take us out to the mountains for hikes, as well as field trips to the grocery store (where we learn label reading and healthy shopping), and to my favorite place TARGET!!!!

The hiking vans

The hiking vans

Next up the initial weigh-in and before pics. I've decided not to post those as I'm waiting to the end as this camp is not only about weight lose but changing ones mindset when dealing with food as well as getting healthy. This place has everything a person could ever need EXCEPT caffeine. There is no smoking, caffeine, or alcohol allowed on the premises. So my Gin and Tonics will be a thing of the past for the next few weeks. And I'm actually ok with this...who am I?

Next up a tour of the facilities :

The dining area where we can eat inside or dine al fresco even on the couch. Everyday there is a menu board with foods of the day as well as calorie count. And we have weekly cooking classes so I learn how to make all the delicious meals.

The dining area where we can eat inside or dine al fresco even on the couch. Everyday there is a menu board with foods of the day as well as calorie count. And we have weekly cooking classes so I learn how to make all the delicious meals.

Next up my bedroom. Movara has two rooming options either can share a room with a savings of $600 per week. They are hotel like in looks but the beds seem pretty comfy:

The you can see Lex has claimed her spot.

The you can see Lex has claimed her spot.

After I got situated and laid down a few minutes I knew I had to see the place where the work (torture?!?) would be had: The Gym, Aerobics Room, and the Court.

The torture chambers... or the Hot Body Makeover Rooms as I like to think of them.

The torture chambers... or the Hot Body Makeover Rooms as I like to think of them.

There is a lecture hall, business center, as well as a rec room with a pool table and tons of games. So one can never get too bored. And if you do get bored it's because you didn't work hard enough because you should be tired:

Business Center, Rec room and lecture hall

Business Center, Rec room and lecture hall

Movara can be considered costly but the staff is first rate and they always seem to find ways to help those who may not be able to do it otherwise, and there are even programs to take out a loan. As well as incentives for those who need to stay longer. I've met clients who are staying 10, 12 even 24 weeks. This is a commitment. Many think it's expensive but not as expensive as tons of medicines and hospital visits that could be in my future. Remember that HEALTH is WEALTH. And without your health, all the money in the world doesn't matter.

Please follow me over the next few weeks as I invite you into my world of fitness at Movara. Clink on the link at the top of the page to go to the website to see cost, pics, success stories and more.

Oh and by the way they have a FULL SERVICE spa right here on campus so someone is always available to massage out those kinks and soreness as well as apply a coat of polish to the nails and tootsies. Can you really ask for anything more?

Time for me to go take a nap, tomorrow is a BIG day as Monday is assessment Hike day so they know which would be the best group for you. Movara is like the best parent you could ever have, they want nothing but the best for YOU, and make certain your needs are being met. And if the program is too hard or you need an adjustment they help, and not leave you to flutter in the wind. I haven't been here long, but I do know I already love this place.

Later taters,

Kit (and Lexie too)

Well Heck...I think I'm falling in love with...HIKING

If you tell anyone I said it, I'd deny, deny, DENY but truth be told I am starting to like my morning exercise ritual of hiking through Snow Canyon Park in Utah. I get up around 530, hit the trails by 630. I go with a great group of folks and it's fun. Yeah...I just said that...EXERCISE is fun. And it clears my head for the day. I mean look at all this nature:

Utah is breathtaking...

NLDR- The #Shade and #Struggle is REAL- 7 day play by play

In effort to NOT bore you with a daily post of my time at the detox, I write down my daily thoughts, experiences, issues etc. and post as one big blog at the end of the 7 day stretch. You're welcome.

I am keeping it 100 with you the entire time. Some stuff you will laugh, some you may think "this chick is crazy" and the rest will more than likely be "OH HELL NAW" but this is my experience during my first two weeks, and let me tell you...

Read More

Medical Tourism...How did I get here?!?

There are various kinds of tourism in the world from me who focuses on gender specific, to help trips (ie building houses in 3 rd world countries, missionary work etc), to adventure, luxury and the one I am focusing on: MEDICAL.

Medical tourism has boomed over the last few years. Once believed only for the rich and famous now anyone can go to Africa for a safari and tummy tuck, with a little skin lift on top. Thailand isn't called the "land of smiles" for nothing. On ever corner, much like a Starbucks in America there is a "Happy Dental" or "Dental Smiles" where you can get everything and anything from cleanings to fillings to implants and more.

I've been researching detox clinics for various reasons: 1. to save my life. My father died of three types of cancer at 62years old. He never drank or smoked. One reasons the doctors said it wasn't caught in time was because of his size. Over the last year I have had my own run ins with the disease and I'm now attempting to do everything in my power to stop it before it stops me. Which lead me to look for clinics in the states that focused on health and the Gershon therapy. (if you don't know it...look it up). I wanted a clinic that utilizes both. And I found one..that was almost 20G for a month. THAT IS NUTS.

Then I had to consult good old trusty google and starting looking for places around the world. And that's how I found New Leaf Detox Resort. It's a 3 star no frills health and detox resort. There is no one bringing me juices and coddling me. It's a hands on but do it yourself type of place. Or at least that is what I got from talking to the owner (Aire) and customer service reps. And it was a QUARTER of the cost.

So, I signed up. I will post weekly video updates starting in the next day or so. I've sighed up for a 28 day Transformation package...we will see.

Wish me luck