Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua...like one Does

Vacation and family...two words that never seem to go pleasantly hand in hand unless it's me and my sibs! 

My brother and his family moved to Leon,Nicaragua a few months ago. I went to visit for a couple of days. While here iv enjoyed wonderful and delicious beans and rice, plsintains and more. However today instead of museums and cathedrals I got a chance to embrace my inner dare devil...and we went Valcano Boarding.

it was everything...first we had to get up a big as black hill aka Caro Negro: 



The gorgeous Nicaraguan mountains... 

living my best life

living my best life

me and my sis all smiles after hiking the "hill" which is a freaking mountain btw


After a hike that was about an hour and 15 min we got suited up to go down the mountain. (You can do the hike and carry your own gear. Or you can also pay a porter to carry it for you for about $5 usd



and I'm dressed...let's do this