Traveling Solo...You take the Good and the Bad

All my life I've been waiting. Waiting on my parents to take notice, waiting on my friends to invite me to the beach or anything to do with water, waiting to hear about this or that job...but constantly waiting. Then my father died in 2013...almost 8 years after my mom. She was 50 and he was 62. I was in my 20's when mom died, 30's when daddy died and I refused to not live my life on my terms in my 40's.

At first I asked friends to go, I even offered to buy my sister a ticket. I had plenty of "I would like to BUT..." I no longer have time in my life for "but" and decided to just do it. Life is too short to wait for others.

Real talk, some places are NOT for women traveling alone...a prime example are extreme Muslim countries/Arabic countries. Hell in even the moderate ones like Casablanca, Morocco I was treated as less than. I felt almost invisible but not as the men made it known that I was not welcomed. From the staring to the blatant cab driver director yelling in PERFECT english no less to his Arabic brothers "HELP OUR ARAB BROTHERS FIRST. Not American and NOT women" I would have been mortified but I was prepared. But no matter how ready I thought I was still hurt a lot. As I'm used to traveling in Europe where I felt free. More so than in my own country. Now don't get it twisted...I am NOT saying don't go there, I AM saying be careful and better for women (in my opinion) to have a male travel buddy.

Now Asia, I believe you can handle on your own. Well SE Asia as I have been to parts of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and others without incident. Had a blast and some great shopping and massages. Definitely do it, especially if you have an adventurous palate. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

My favorite, especially as an BLACK American female is most parts of Europe. For once I know what it is like to be considered a "person" in the United States. While Obama has been president everyone has been kind, always wants to chat and every place I have been has been pure joy. Truth, since the 45th elect has come into play: I've had sympathy from the UK, people in Amsterdam have asked me to "just move here" and a man in Italy actually cried and asked if there was no other place I could go. So there's that.

Goals for 2017- finish my list with South America and "perhaps" Antarctica. I literally can NOT stand the cold but to get so close to all 7 continents...well I'm just not sure what will happen. Nonetheless, I am super excited to see what the future will bring.

Remember, never wait on anyone to write your story...get out there and start writing it your own damn self.

Happy Trails