Thank You Hong Kong ...I DO Count

Sad that it takes going to another country to feel as if you matter. In NYC, I go thru life feeling very small at times, almost insignificant. Maybe it's because I am overweight, maybe it's because I am female, maybe because I'm black...however I feel like it's all three and perhaps even more. It's not a defeated or defeatist attitude, it's just my reality.

Also, a key factor is money...when you have money everyone pays attention to you because you have something they want...from a salesperson in a shop trying to sell you the ugly scarf to the guy on your first date grabbing a coffee trying to sell you on the idea of a second date, to the real estate lady trying to get you to sign for the lovely and charming yet small but eclectic NYC studio in Tribeca that is only $3800 per month and THAT is $200 below market value. HA!

However, no one I know has that kind of money, mainly my friends are living with roommates and struggling to get by. But some days you have a really good day. I mean the kind of day that you play over in your mind, especially on the days when things seem their darkest and just beyond sad. Well this entry is about my GOOD day.

It all started, when my and my friend Mary were out enjoying our day in Hong Kong. Now, I once believed that NYC was the mecca of all shopping. Granted Beverly Hills was nice but NYC was it...end all, be all...THEN I saw Hong Kong. We have NOTHING on them. They have more REAL Rolex stores on every corner, like we have Starbucks. A Mont Blanc pen is as common as Bic Pens to us. We are common in comparison. Also, they have a customer service style that is comparable to no one. Well no one that I've ever come across.

The folks in HK are amazingly sweet and kind...especially my friends at Mikimoto who allowed me to try on this half a million dollar bauble.

I need this luxury in my life.

I need this luxury in my life.

As a side note I'd like to say: As a black American woman who lives in NYC I never feel comfortable n high ends stores, even the ones I can afford to be in as I always feel the eyes on me. Even abroad, in Europe some try to make me feel "less than". Once in Amsterdam I saw a beautiful Hermes bag in a store and wanted to see it but the sales woman was like "no it's only for serious buyers". And THATwas only about 4500€.

So, yesterday I saw a GORGEOUS necklace in a was breathtaking and I was so geeked that the door man said come in and I just looked at it and around the store. I thought about it all night. I knew in my heart it was at least a half a mil easy. Next morning curiosity got the better of me so I called...the woman remembered me as "woman who loves jewelry" and invited me back to touch it and try it on...welp... (hint: sometimes you have to click to see the next pic as I'm having a mini orgasm as I am being crowned...haha)


With that level and respect WHEN I have the money to buy some high end jewelry I will save extra for a flight because the folks at MIKIMOTO made me feel like a REAL person not a black woman needing to be watched. Irony,to feel like I count I have to be outside my own country. Anyone else feel this way...and check out this one pic you can tell I'm thanking the Lord for this sweet sweet day.😂😂😂 #customerservice #money #thegoodlife #class #thankyou