It's Not Easy Being Green...

Greetings my darlings-

Welp, almost got arrested. Seriously--- A-R-R-E-S-T-E-D as in JAIL. Kit and I discussed. Being this incident happened to ME (Alexaquatics M. Phibean aka Lexie); I am writing this blog entry.

First, I know Kit at times paints me as a good time gal pal who drinks a little too much, but I am a frog with feelings. I love to travel, taking pictures and showing YOU the world...this is what I was made to do. However I do have an educated and cultured side as well.

Ever since I was a tiny tadpole I have wanted to see Greece. Especially, Athens as I feel like the Goddess Athena and I have so much in common...strong women, a father who was intimidated by her, and she loved a good fight as she is the Goddess of War. shoulda seen me in my younger years...I was a bit of a pond fighter...razor blade in hair, Vaseline on my face. Seriously, if not born over 2000 years apart we could be twins. However, I digress.

Anywho, we get to Greece and Kit promises to take me to the Acropolis. I found the perfect pink Grecian dress and I am ready to go.
So off we go and take pic after pic after pic...and no one says a word...

Kit wanted to pose outside the "  Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus"   (you know how ACTORS are)

Kit wanted to pose outside the "Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus" (you know how ACTORS are)

We're here...we're here at the heart of it all...  Parthenon

We're here...we're here at the heart of it all...Parthenon

We even did a stand up for you...our fans one the steps where EVERYONE can see. And I must admit while Kit was looking a bit haggard; I was on point.

Traveling the Globe...and climbing the you don't have to.

After all the "pre game" shenanigans Kit finally takes me to the temple Athena. And I am primping as she is setting up the camera to film. It was then "Dora" the security office came over...whilst she killed my dream she was rather nice about it all, at first. And if you know Kit...well her response was "you're kidding right? What do you mean I can't take a picture with my puppet. This is Lexie...she travels the world" Welp, Dora was serious as a heart attack. Well if she had a heart...
They went back and forth and Kit finally agreed to delete the video...or well she deleted something. However, she won't let me post the video, as she doesn't want an issue with the country of Greece, but she will be showing it in her one woman show.

Honestly, someone needs to hire her already. She is so crafty in a pinch.

Nonetheless, she puts me into my carry-on and we begin to leave. Now this is when Kit did something strange. She put away her phone!!!! Gasp, how will I ever get pictures of my beloved temple?!? Alas, Kit had a plan...she then takes out her camera...and starts snapping away. I tried to thank her but had to inquire what she was doing.  She snapped at MOI?!?!  She can get a bit snippy under duress. However, she did explain that "they" would be waiting for us at the exit. I was like "seriously they don't have time for this, besides you erased it in front of Dora" And Kit only said "trust me. They will" and THEY it was six security guards and one did mention if I didn't comply they will be forced to call the police.

I was terrified...what if they saw the pictures, the video, the other pictures of me...well out being me. So what if I'm a semi-celebrity...I am a frog, and green, AND a PUPPET...and puppets weren't allowed apparently. All I could think of the paparazzi wouldn't be anywhere to see the horror of my perp walk, the finger printing, THE CAVITY SEARCH...oh Dear Sweet Frogs in Heaven...Where is my hashtag and support group? #GreenFrogsMatter #PuppetsarePeopletooKindof

Kit calmly showed the man all the pics of her camera and then she told him how upsetting it was to be accosted in such a manner, and that she needed a moment, and if he had a glass of water. (SERIOUSLY we need a camera crew as that was one fine ass Oscar performance. Move over Meryl Streep) Within a few minutes it was over and we finally left the scene. I was nervous the ENTIRE time, until we made it to a cab. What if Dora signaled to them to check the phone, what if they arrested Kit? Hell arrested ME? I am not built for Greek prison. I mean look at me:

Too delicate for the big house

Too delicate for the big house

So this was only ONE of the many big adventures we had while traveling. Be sure to follow up on Twitter (@xoLola_travels) and Instagram (@xolola_travels) or Kit has her own page ...and that is where I put up most of my videos: @iamkitwilliams. And of course we are on the book of faces. Click HERE and "LIKE" us.

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Thanks for reading. Ciao for now,