NLDR- The #Shade and #Struggle is REAL- 7 day play by play

In effort to NOT bore you with a daily post of my time at the detox, I write down my daily thoughts, experiences, issues etc. and post as one big blog at the end of the 7 day stretch. You're welcome.

I am keeping it 100 with you the entire time. Some stuff you will laugh, some you may think "this chick is crazy" and the rest will more than likely be "OH HELL NAW" but this is my experience during my first two weeks, and let me tell you...IT IS A LOT BETTER NOW.

Day 1

This detox/fat camp is NOT a game: first day a 9km walk (2 of those up the steepest hills I've never encountered) numerous times I called upon the Lord to just let it end. Came back to Apple Cider Vinegar and I thought a break...nope...water aerobics, then a coffee enema talk and how to do them to outselves, a massage, then me trying said enema by myself (a shit show...literally) and now a half hour break before the gym. Followed up by dinner then yoga. Day 1. Only 27 more to go. ‪#‎lordbeasize10bathingsuitbytheendofthisplease‬ (side note: I can now wear that size 10 suit. Vanity sizing is real)

Day 2

Day 2 of 28. Not too bad. This morning all I wanted was some fried chicken and sticky rice. I made do with Bean and Yam juice. Started the day with a 7K. I remembered to bring my tunes this time. Wasn't as bad as the 9K because no hills. (thank you sweet baby Jesus) followed up with Apple Cider Vinegar and a green juice. Aqua Aerobics, a kickboxing class, plenty of water, and my favorite daily coffeen colima. And today I saw some strange business(OVERSHARE ALERT) in the poo department. Had my daily Thai massage. THAT is the business. We get daily laundry and massages. Then yoga. Tonight's dinner was a delicious soup with real tomato bits that I could CHEW! YES! Parasite zapper. 30 min break then gym where I had a 30 min arm workout. The only thing that got me through today was God and Beyonce. And that is day 2. ‪#‎nosleeptillWeightloss‬

Day 3

Today was not the best day ever. First the beach walk. Today was an easy 5K but coming back I was in the rear. And the person leading the walk (who told me not 25 minutes earlier "I have to wait for everyone in case something happens") I wasn't concerned as I could see them but after they turned a corner I had no idea which way to go. However, soon enough I found my way back. I was pissy, but it's also day 3 so I contributed it to moodiness and kept it moving. Today's juice was a freaking coconut juice . All I can think of today is if they can make me some fried chicken and rice juice. Sigh.
Again an issue with no one having any regards for my time. I went down at 1130 to walk to my Thai kickboxing class. I was told because of construction that one of the staff would take me. Long story short, I was charged for a private. 20 min late, and he ended at the hour. I would have been angry but I dealt with it. Found my own training facility where the trainers are professional, speak English and quite courteous. It's a bit more expensive but the piece of mind is worth it. I skipped the aqua aerobics and yoga because not only did kickboxing kick my ass, but I had the Day 3 "I hate you all". I spent the first part of the morning crying to my best friend (thanks Am) and my sister. But hey...tomorrow is another day.

Day 4

Morning 5K run. Nailed it and actually lead the pack. A tasty guava smoothie follows up with coconut oil, and ACV. Had a pumpkin soup for dinner. The workouts were pretty brutal as I had my private with a real Muay Thai fighter. I wanted to die...only 9 classes left. And a big bonus: I've been having minor issues with this place since my arrival. From their rude customer service manager, being late 30 min at the hotel for pick up, bed with partial top cover and so much more. So today I had a discussion with management that started like this, "Rosio, can I just tell you that the only reason I come to you EVERY DAY since I've been here is that I don't want anyone to be surprised when I post on my webpage, blogs, social media, and Trip Advisor and pretend you didn't know. Maybe you don't understand I am a tv producer/investigative as well. I keep meticulous notes, and I will honest, direct and fair to anyone who reads them. I have notes, times and dates where I've come to you and nothing has been done. Do you understand we, meaning you have a serious problem here."
That was about 2pm by 5 pm all of my issues had been addressed and a new mattress was delivered. ‪#‎likeaboss‬ ‪#‎dontFwithmeimatvbitch‬

Day 5

Day 5 and still alive...barely. Today was rough mainly due to the fact my "little red headed friend" popped up today. That made the morning run BRUTAL...and it was the jungle run. It was supposed to be 12k..I did 11 and was like "f-yall I'm out" and went back to the resort. I took it easy after that...had my morning guava/pineapple uice,coocnut oil and ACV. Lunch was a red juice of some sort and todays green juice had beet root. You never know how much you miss beets until you have kale everyday.My daily massage, 45 min of yoga, steam room then a foot massage that was only an hour and cost me a total of 5.11$ USD. In the end I had a ton of energy and stayed up until 130am booking flights for the remainder of trip. I went to the grocery store twice by myself for phone cards and wanted to buy chips sooooo bad. At one time I was like I'm doing it anyway, but in the end I told myself NO...I'd only be cheating myself. So I didn't do it. I've spent too much money to get here to screw it all to hell for some chips. I MADE IT. ‪#‎onedayatatime‬ ‪#‎andtodaywasagoodday‬

Day 6

Day 6...grab a crucifix. Cause I'm going to need it. I've had many customer service issues with this place, AND they have been addressed. I get it. It's a 3star resort but I am here for health. However yesterday I had a go with the owner who brought her husband who is also the Customer Relations Manager..y'all this man CAME AT ME hard, at first. (mind you I was there for my friend who decided to leave the property and the program as she has a MAJOR phobia who felt the owners were not being as reactive as needed. I HATE to see anyone upset, and I could see the owners side but I will side with what is right. They tried to address the issue at first with me and he asked me "why are you even involved" and I looked at him cool and said "she asked me to so I am here" then he wanted to discuss my issues. And again I was like "we aren't here to discuss me." He quickly changed his method and became somewhat personable but as one who has worked in television and customer service I can see it's an act. I know if I ever wanted to return here I'd always be told "sorry we're full" which may or may not really be the case as they have TONS of repeat customers. Nonetheless, unless THEY kick me out I am staying as I am losing the weight, and my issues were addressed. However it is very draining to deal with the personalities. Nutritional note: I work out ALOT and the supplements they have provided is not enough for me. I suggest this as a place for people who KNOW THEIR BODIES. I know I need protein so I went and bought some Protein Pea Powder and pickles (for the juice. It aids in muscle cramps) and now feeling much better. Definitely gotta find the best way to work the system for you.

Day 7

Day 7...was pretty blah and uneventful. Easy 5K in the morning, but a KILLER ab workout, and a swim lesson. (some of the folks here have made it their mission to teach me how to swim). One is a Emotional Intelligence Specialist (and at first I thought mumbo jumbo but she has given me a few tips...and they've worked.) This week we are working on my fear of water and try to find what causes it. She is also does Past Life I'm really interested in seeing if we can discover the cause and I can get over my fear. I'm going snorkling tomorrow and scared poopless. And for those who think "you'll have on a life jacket or just float" My fear is paralyzing, but hopefully over the next few weeks I will get past it. Had the daily massage then an hour and a half of yoga. And in bed by 930pm because tomorrow is the 9k and toughest of them all thus far as 2K of it is ENTIRELY up a hill .Tomorrow is first weigh in. I feel like after all the stuff I've done I might have lost between 6-9lbs but we shall see.

And as the say be continued