I'm Anal...Retentive...are you? aka Packing for Trips

Ok. I'll admit the title is a bit crass, but now that I have your attention I'd like to discuss packing.

Packing for a trip has to be my least favorite part as I am a constant organizer and planner. I make charts, spreadsheets , and analysis (I'm so not kidding) but because I enjoy it. You don't have to go this far.
Bonus, if you carry-on your luggage the chances of it becoming "lost" or ending up in Paris,TX where you flew to Paris, FR is now nil. #travelwin
I suggest always have a list of "basic necessities"...these are items you ALWAYS pack. Mine is as follows:
- toiletry bag (toothbrush,paste, deodorant,lotion, cleansing cloth)
- Cosmetic bag
- Night shirt
- 2 bras/3pairs underwear
- Swimsuit (even hotels have pools)

Once you have a basic travel toiletry bag, you never have to pack that again, just replace items when needed. Next up is packing your clothes.
My general rule is wearability and versatility. If you can get at least 2-3 looks out of one piece, it's a win.
^^^Exception: special occasion outfit.
Good luck, good looks and good travel!