Tuscany: Grapes and Monks and Wine...Oh My!

Wine. Need I really say more? Seriously, lovely little towns. It was a scenic trip with lovely sheep in the grass, however when traveling by coach it's hard to capture with a camera phone...but they were beautiful. We saw Tuscan Monks performing a Gregorian afternoon chant but you can't take pics while they sing; it was beautiful but definitely not the "show" I was expecting. Maybe I've been in NYC too long where a show is a show with shiny, sparkles and glitter. Or maybe I've seen "Sister Act 2" one too many times. Those monks in the movie talk AND sing, plus their comedic timing is superb.

The winery was lovely and I bought two bottles to take home, and we also got tour the vineyard. My new friend Louis filmed this short blurb for me:

(Insert video of wine tour)

Accommodations: Tuscany Day tour by Dark Night in Rome. Cost is about $175 U.S.