Those Fine A$$ Italian Men in Rome...A Merry Christmas Memory

A beautiful and lovely city. A 'ruined' NYC if you will. It's absolutely gorgeous. All the ruins plus the beautiful people. Definitely one of my favorites. And the men...Oh...My...God! Lord help me for my entire life would be one affair after the next. There are so any handsome men, boys and god help me, because I am not a pedophile but even the young teens are hot. Must be the water. Maybe that is why they tell Americans to not drink their water and drink bottled their water is the fountain of hotness.

I met a lovely fellow in Roma...Riccardo. As we say in America..."He could get it". He was the perfect gentleman, dinner date, tour guide and in the end my hero for he speaks Italian and I do not. And I needed a cab ASAP for the next leg of my trip.  Perfect mix of romance and companionship.  

Definitely a city to explore.