Whatever LOLA wants...Lola Gets

Whatever Lola Wants: The Signature Tour

Time: 11 am, 3.5 hours (rain or shine) 

Price: $115/€105 

LOLA  likes the finer things in life, whether buying or just looking. Either way, this tour is priced and packaged just for you! We meet at one of Central Amsterdam’s lovely market squares and, after a quick check-in and head count, we are off to a LOLA favorite: the purse museum! Purses, purses, and more purses! From the 1600s to current day…see all the purses you can stand to lust for and then some.   

After your passion for purses is fed, the tour will continue down Amsterdam’s most fashionable streets for some window shopping and a visit to a street market. We will then conclude in the only way befitting a LOLA fashionista: a lovely lunch and high tea. We all know what LOLA wants; now it’s up to you to come get it!

LOLA Snaps: The Photography Tour. 

Time: 10:30am, 2.5 hours (rain or shine)

Price: $45/€40.75

LOLA always gets what she aims for—including the perfect photo! This tour is designed for the shutterbug in you. Bring your camera and your pioneering spirit and travel with a local who will show you all things beautiful in Amsterdam—from the major attractions to the insider sights. 

This tour will satisfy both avid photographers and those who just want to take selfies with pizzazz. What better way to memorialize your trip to Amsterdam?

LOLA after Dark: The "hartsochtelijk" Tour

Time: 19:00, 2.5 hours

Cost: $50/€45.25 

Make up your mind to have no regrets! This tour is designed for the LOLA woman who isn’t afraid of the dark—or a little hartsochtelijk (passion).  

We begin at a well-loved watering hole to partake of some jenever—the traditional liquor of the Netherlands. Try a shot (or two) or just buy some to take home. From there, we will begin our tour through Amsterdam’s illustrious red light district. A stop in a local sex store will provide you with a brief overview of toys from the experts, and you’ll have time to browse for a little something for yourself or your significant other.  

The evening concludes with a stop at the Venustempel, the world’s first and oldest sex museum. Recline yourself, resign yourself—you’re in Amsterdam!

All tours are run and arranged by me. Please email for dates as they must be made via email at this time. Thank you.