All about ladies on the lam aka lola

Women like to travel, see the sights, and have a great time, but sometimes, for various reasons, we may not have a travel companion. Well, LOLA to the rescue!   

LOLA—aka Ladies on the Lam—was created with you, the worldly woman traveler, in mind. Who needs mainstream tours geared toward couples or families making you feel like a fifth wheel? Instead, feel FABULOUS with your new LOLA friends!   

LOLA tours and events are designed for women by women. They have been tried and tested by LOLA's staff of fun, fearless, and friendly females in search of a GOOD time. We’ve walked miles, eaten tons of food, seen a gazillion sights, and more in order to bring you the very best. All tours are relaxed, non-rushed experiences, whether you are spending the day on the beach, visiting a museum, or enjoying a glorious meal—all of which includes the bonus of developing great friendships that extend beyond your travels.  

Don't go it alone...go LOLA! 


Kit Williams, President and CEO

Kit Williams, President and CEO

Kit Williams, LOLA’s founder, suffers from incurable wanderlust brought on by her parents’ limited travels. After they both passed, she made a personal pact to live her life differently and has now acquired 20 stamps on her passport since 2013. Her large scale goal is to focus on one continent per year until she has visited all seven—and to smooth the path for other female travelers as she goes. A professional in the field of broadcast journalism, Kit also possesses a host of other abilities, including acting, singing, stand-up comedy, and songwriting. She currently resides between New York City/Amsterdam, and currently learning to speak Dutch.

All About LEXIE


Alexaquaticus M, Phibean ("Lexie"), is a LOLA gal thru and thru. Always ready to take that leap off her lily pad and on to the next adventure. She has a great gift a gab and soon will be starring in her own Youtube travel show. She is the puppet in the know when it comes to travel.